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I spent a lot of time on the modern weapons sections and that version has the most updated interface. With all the Mod updates over the last few months with the .esp name changes it has broken the way the patches I've made work.

I've gone back to the CORE version and started repairing it. When entering the game The Pip-Boy interface is to messy So I'll be tackling that and the sort/naming functions.

30/01/2017 Overhauled Removed Image Space Overwrites so any mod will make use of that. Changed load order for Pip-Biy light to not conflict with lighting mods.


Removal of old unused/superceeded masters - Complete
INNR Naming (Weapons) - Mostly complete (19/02/2017) Unique item not added to icon list
Ammo naming - Complete
Grenade/Mines Naming - Complete
Misc Mods - Complete (17/01/2017)
Misc Item - Complete (17/01/2017)
Injestables - Adding ALL Items and creating sub menus in Pip-Boy - Complete (17/01/2017)
Holotapes/magazines/notes - Complete (17/01/2017) (Passwords complete)
Handmade weapons and mods - Complete (next patch version)

TODO - As I spot issues[edit]

Mods to look for

Chem texture replacement - Complete WIP
Additional Settlement mods
Overhaul Scopes and Scope Crafting (Vanilla+DLC)

ADDON UPDATES (19/01/2017) Started

Settelers cloths - Complete 20/01/2017
Power Armor - Complete
WorldSpace - WIP
Weapons - ModernWeapons Started 20/01/2017 - Complete WIP
Mods descriptions for DLC02 need to be added - Complete WIP
Mods descriptions for WEAPONSMITH need to be added - Complete WIP

Upcoming mods

Weaponsmith Extended - VIS Icons Patch - DONE
Creative clutter - DONE
Raider Overhaul AE PAtch-Restored Content - DONE

Mod Removal

Better Explosives - DAMAGE Removed from Core as it's changes get mostly overwritten.(There for throw arc and perc changes)


Appears there is no DLC04 Better description, I'll add that to the todo list as that very tedious to do. - Complete WIP



Started work on CORE 2.3.0
Raider Overhaul - Valdacil's Item Sorting (VIS) - Compatibility Patch

Homemaker - Expanded Settlements by NovaCoru 

Updated info
Raider Overhaul Restored Content I Super Mutant Redux patch


Started the rewrite of the INI section of the Modwiki


Soo much done- went down a rabbit hole then looking at enb's and wanted it all to look pretty.
Updating CORE page with moniker for 2.2.0 (Both remove and NEW)


Completed indigestible - Not bad food
Resetting MOD load list and re-adding all mods for CORE, Reviewing Mods and FOMODS for aditional downloads.
After testing the INNR naming for weapons getting Further issues with some weapons (Naming functions just No icons.)


INNR Weapons mostly done Couple still to go and Unique weapons (Kellogs pistol etc)
MOD Better descriptions- Many of these need to be done I'll release patch before completing them (Many hundreds of entries)
Patch Now functional for CORE-Progressing with cosmetics.
Added Nukacola 7.62x39 ammo rounds for handmade weapons.Noticed there are Multiple crafting benches :- TODO will clean up the Workbench Menu to only have the Correct ones displayed and add perk requirements.
Removed AKW ammo workbench added menu item "8 - ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT" moved the Binocular Batteries,Beacon and Salvaging device ionto there.


Updated WIKI to reflect most changes and warnings to not use ADDON sections
Uploaded MODWiki-CORE-Patch V2.1.0 to Nexus


Created Settlers patch for aditional Cloths.
Created a list of all items generated in Chem Lab will move them to AKW Workbenches in next patch.


Braught back Modern Weapon section back to life. Looks like Weaponsmoth points everythin back to AKwords benches I will have to readjust the MODWiki Core workbenches changes to make them the same.
The NEW INNR setup works a treat when inbeaded with all the other changes/mods
Lots of "new" craftable items are not Iconed Will have to Add to the TODO LIST