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Controller emulation is a simple procedure with a little bit practice using Xpadder. Even using advanced functions to bind multiple keys to a single button is quite simple with some time to play with the program. For Fear and Loathing in New Vegas, most gamepads will need to double up some buttons to open the ability to use the FPS Weapon Wheel, PN Vision Modes, or JIP Selective Fire Modes.

Xpadder is a paid app, but there are still freeware versions. Grab the free version on sourceforge, here (installer password: unfedzombie), or get the paid version on the Xpadder website.


Obviously there are many different gamepads to choose from and Xpadder should support just about every controller out there. For the time being only Xbox 360 controllers will be supported, but other info will be added later on so that anyone can create a profile easily. A few things to be aware of: Turn off the controller in the game menu, Xpadder must be running when the game is started, button layout is changed.

Getting Started[edit]

Once Xpadder is installed, make sure that the Xbox 360 controller is detected by the computer. Now the first of two profiles needs to be created, the controller profile. Remember the controller profile is on the left side and the game profile is on the right side.

  1. Click the controller icon on the top left and select 'New...'.
    1. For "Image" click [Open] and select the "360 Controller 1.bmp" and click [Open].
    2. For "Sticks" tick the "Enable" checkboxes to detect the analog sticks.
    3. For "DPad" tick the "Enable" checkbox to detect the dpad.
    4. For "Buttons" push every button on the gamepad: A, B, X, Y, Select, Start, Right Stick, Left Stick, Right Bumper, Left Bumper.
    5. For "Triggers" tick the "Enable" checkboxes to detect the triggers.
    6. Move all the buttons that displayed into their correct place on the gamepad picture, then click [Okay].
    7. Save the controller profile by selecting the hard disk icon on the top left side.
  2. Download the game profile here.
    1. Put the profile in the Xpadder folder.
    2. Click the paper icon in the middle toward the top and click "Open...".
    3. Navigate to the "Fear and Loathing.xpadderprofile" file and click [Open].
    4. The program should fill in the button layout with the proper functions.

Controller Layout[edit]

The following is layout of the Xbox 360 controller for Xpadder from the game profile above.

  • Start: Tap for Main Menu, hold for Wait Menu
  • Select: Tap for Vision Mode, hold for Stealth
  • A: Tap for Action, hold for Grab
  • B: Tap for Pip-Boy, hold for Pip-Boy Light
  • X: Reload/Draw/Holster
  • Y: Jump
  • Right Bumper: V.A.T.S.
  • Left Bumper: Sprint
  • Right Trigger: Fire/Melee/Throw
  • Left Trigger: Aim
  • Right Stick: Look around, click to change view
  • Left Stick: Move around, click to sneak
  • Dpad Up: Ammo Select
  • Dpad Down: Fire Mode
  • Dpad Right: Weapon Down/Zoom Out
  • Dpad Left: Weapon Up/Zoom In

Grenade Hotkey is left out until a good solution can be found with this setup.