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Yukichigai Gameplay Tweaks[edit]

There are now over twenty mods in this section, so it has earned its own page. Yukichigai is that good of a modder anyways. Since they are small tweaks, there will be merging instructions to reduce this subsection down to one plugin. Without merging these mods the plugin limit may be exceeded.

Current Version: v8 - Changelog located at the bottom of the page.

  • NOTE FOR RETURNING USER: Redoing the merging of any mods will remove the items from these mods from the player character's or follower's inventories.
Craft and Cook at Camp and Barbecue Grills[edit]
  • Version: v2
  • Installation: Get the Craft at Camp and BBQ Grills v2 main file and the Camp and BBQ Grills - Honest Hearts optional file.

Grill food at a grill. Another 'Who woulda thought?' mod.

Craftable Sellable Counterfeit Bottle Caps[edit]
  • Version: v0.4

Make fake caps to use as currency. Probably unethical, but who needs a soul when Med-X can numb the pain.

Dead Money - Surprise Vending Items Restoration[edit]
  • Version: v1

Restores some content cut from Dead Money to add in surprise items in Dead Money.

Dead Money - More and Better Crafted Knives[edit]
  • Version: v0.3

Wider variety of the awesome knives from Dead Money.

Hidden Valley - Knight Torres Inventory Expansion[edit]
  • Version: v0.1

This mod will expand Knight Torres' inventory to something more respectable from Brotherhood of Steel after completing the Quest.

Higher Companion Level Cap[edit]
  • Version: v2

Companions can level much higher and just be generally more badass.

Lonesome Road - Scorched Sierra Power Helmet[edit]
  • Version: v0.1
  • Installation: Get the Lonesome Road Scorched Sierra Power Helmet main file and the Project Nevada support for Sierra Power Helmet optional file.

Adds a matching helmet to the power armor from Lonesome Road if you bomb the NCR.

Mantis Gauntlet - Crafting - Schematics - Restoration[edit]
  • Version: v0.3

Restored a crafting schematic for the Mantis Gauntlet.

More Caravan Players - Restoration[edit]
  • Version: v0.1

Adds a few more Caravan players to the world.

Old World Blues - Keep Big MT Active[edit]
  • Version: v1

Now Lobotomites and Roboscorpions will continue to spawn in The Big MT.

Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion[edit]
  • Version: v1
  • Installation: Get the Pickable Cave Fungus main file.
Install the mod.
In Mod Organizer's left pane double-click the mod and in the pop-up box select the "Optional ESPs" tab.
Move "Pickable Cave Fungus.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.

You know you want some mushrooms.

Mojave Patch Outpost - YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus Patch[edit]
  • Author: EssArrBee
  • Version: v2
  • Installation: Get the YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus Patch main file. During install change the name of the file to YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus Patch since this mod page is used throughout the guide.
Install the mod.
In Mod Organizer's left pane double-click the mod and in the pop-up box select the "Optional ESPs" tab.
Move every plugin EXCEPT "YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus with OWB Patch.esp" to the "Optional ESPs" box.

Patches the position fixes of the fungus throughout FNV caves.

Radscorpion Egg - Restoration[edit]
  • Version: v0.1

Adds Radscorpion eggs to the loot of radscorpions.

Removeable Pip-Boy Glove[edit]
  • Version: v2

Some people think that a Pip-Boy should have a glove. Now those people can stop dreaming.

Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone[edit]
  • Version: v0.2

Sharpen weapons with the whet stones found around the Mojave.

Thermic Lance - Fire effects[edit]
  • Version: v0.3

Adds really cool fire effects to the Thermic Lance.

Sentry Bot Toy Attacks[edit]
  • Version: v2

Robot toy that shoots BBs. Remember to pick the little guy up before running off, he is not that fast.

Veronica Companion Weapon - Recharger Pistol[edit]
  • Version: v0.5

Someone from the Brothehood should have an energy weapon instead of a pistol.

Working Bottle Cap Press[edit]
  • Version: v0.4

A bottle cap press in a bottle cap economy could be amazing. Save that scrap metal.

Working Crimson Caravan Traders[edit]
  • Version: v0.3

Those Crimson Caravan guys actually sell stuff now. Just like every other caravaner.

Working Gomorrah Prostitutes - pun intended[edit]
  • Version: v0.3

Fills up Gomorrah with hookers, have fun!

Working Grinding Wheel[edit]
  • Version: v3.1

Fix up those melee weapons with a grinding wheel.

Yuki Mods Merged[edit]
  1. Open Merge Plugins Standalone through MO and click [OK].
    • TICK "Copy general assets" in the Settings->Integration tab.
  2. Hold ctrl and click every plugin listed below:
    If the plugins are contiguous hold shift and click the first then the last.
    • Camp Grills.esp
    • Camp Grills - Honest Hearts.esp - Must be below Camp Grills.esp in the load order
    • CounterfeitCaps.esp
    • Dead Money Surprise Items.esp
    • DeadMoneyMoreCraftedKnifeVariants.esp
    • TorresInventoryExpansion.esp
    • HigherCompanionLevelCap.esp
    • LonesomeRoadScorchedSierraPowerHelmet.esp
    • ProjectNevadaScorchedSierraPowerHelmet.esp - Must be below LonesomeRoadScoredSierraPowerHelmet.esp in the load order
    • CraftedMantisGauntlet.esp
    • RestoredCaravanPlayers.esp
    • OldWorldBlues - Keep Big MT Active.esp
    • Pickable Cave Fungus with OWB.esp
    • YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus with OWB Patch.esp - Must be below Pickable Cave Fungus with OWB.esp in the load order
    • RadscorpionEggRestoration.esp
    • Pip-Boy Glove Removeable.esp
    • WhetStoneRepair.esp
    • Sentry Bot Toy Attacks - Essential.esp
    • ThermicLanceFireEffects.esp
    • VeronicaRechargerPistol.esp
    • WorkingCapPress.esp
    • WorkingCrimsonCaravanTraders.esp
    • GomorrahProstituteEnable.esp
    • Grinding Wheel.esp
  3. Right click one of the highlighted plugins and goto "Add to merge", then select "<New Merge>".
    • In the popup, type the name of the merge and the plugin, then click [OK]. Yuki Merged Mods is recommended.
  4. Open the Merges tab and right click "Yuki Merged Mods" and goto "Plugins", then select "Check plugins for errors".
    1. There will be errors, so go to the Plugins tab and right click "RestoredCaravanPlayers.esp" and goto "Plugins", then select "Errors > Ignore errors".
  5. Go back to the Merges tab and right click "Yuki Merged Mods", then select "Build Merge".
  6. When complete click [Close], then close Merge Plugins Standalone.
  7. The mod now resides in the Yuki Merged Mods folder.
    • It may not show in MO's left panel, so click the small tool icon dropdown above the left panel and select "Refresh".
  8. Move the folder right below Working Grinding Wheel and make sure it is ticked.
  9. Untick all the mods from the list above.
    • The mods can be deleted if that is preferred, but they will need to be reinstalled if this section is redone at any time. The main reason to delete the mods would be to save drive space.
  10. Bash tags need to be added for the plugin.
  11. Start FNVEdit, the double click "Yuki Merged Mods.esp".
    1. Right click "Yuki Merged Mods.esp" and select "Apply Script"
    2. Choose "Generate Bash Tags" from the dropdown and click [OK]
    3. When asked to add the tags to the header, select [Yes]
      • Tags that should be added:
        • Actors.ACBS
        • Actors.AIData
        • Actors.AIPackages
        • Actors.DeathItem
        • Actors.Stats
        • Factions
        • Graphics
        • Invent
        • Names
        • NPC.Class
        • Scripts
        • Stats
  12. Close and ONLY save "Yuki Merged Mods.esp".

Generate Bash Tags doesn't properly apply the Deflst tag, which is needed for some parts of the mod to work. Take these steps to correct it:

  1. Open Wrye Flash NV though MO.
  2. Select "Yuki Merged Mods.esp" and then right click the Bash Tags box in the bottom right and add the Deflst tag.
  3. Close Wrye Flash NV.
Yuki Merged Mods[edit]
  • Author: Yukichigai (99%), EssArrBee and you (1%)
  • Version: v8
  • Changelog: This tiny changelog is provided for users that may have already done an older version of this section.
    • v1: Initial version.
    • v2: Added More Caravan Players - Restoration and Pickable Cave Fungus outside of Zion.
    • v3: Added Dead Money - More and Better Crafted Knives and Sentry Bot Toy Attacks.
    • v4: Added Craftable Sellable Counterfeit Bottle Caps, Dead Money - Christine has more Skills, Hidden Valley - Knight Torres Inventory Expansion, Lonesome Road - Scorched Sierra Power Helmet, Mantis Gauntlet - Crafting - Schematics - Restoration, Repair Bladed Weapons with Whet Stone, Thermic Lance - Fire effects, Working Bottle Cap Press, and Working Crimson Caravan Traders.
    • v5: Added Higher Companion Level Cap and updated to Merge Plugin Script v1.9.
    • v6: Ported instructions to Merge Plugin Standalone.
    • v7: Added YUP-Pickable Cave Fungus Patch.
    • v8: Removed Dead Money - Christine Has More Skills and Improved Transportalponder - Old World Blues. Will be replaced soon.

Placeholder for the Yuki Merged Mod. This should save a lot of plugin slots.

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