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{{#css: .alertSmall{ border-style: solid; border-width: 1px 0; display: inline-block; margin: 0.5rem 1rem 0.5rem 2rem; vertical-align: middle; }

.alertSmall td{ padding-right: 1rem; }

.alertTypeSmall{ font-size: large; font-weight: bold; white-space: nowrap; } }}

Purpose & Usage[edit]

This template displays a small alert on the page that can be used inline within lists and lines of text, however, it will still block itself out from the text to a degree.

Required Parameters[edit]

Defined: type=keyword
Defines the type of alert to display. Keywords available are:
  • bug
  • construction
  • fo3
  • fnv
  • loot
  • mcm
  • mo
  • notice
  • warning
Defined: text=ContentHere
Defines the content of the alert.

Optional Parameters[edit]

Defined: size=value
Default: max/70%
Determines the width by percentage. Accepts any integer from 0 - 100, but standard sizes are preferred using the appropriate keyword:
  • min - 35%
  • mid - 55%
  • max - 70%


Default Call[edit]

The simplest call returns defaults for the template (size=70%, solid border).

Code: {{User:DoubleYou/Sandbox/Alert small|text=Your text here.}}
Info-Logo.png Notice: Your text here.

Spanning multiple lines will retain middle vertical alignment.

Info-Logo.png Notice: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Aliquam condimentum pretium tellus nec scelerisque. Nam nisi magna, venenatis at nibh quis, consequat pretium velit. Mauris fringilla mollis molestie. Fusce tellus justo, tempor id efficitur non, dapibus eu nunc. Integer nec hendrerit diam. Quisque aliquet nunc id vestibulum tincidunt. Vivamus dictum rutrum dolor auctor commodo. Donec consequat sed quam sed malesuada. Nunc tristique a tellus quis egestas. Sed iaculis risus odio, sit amet gravida orci facilisis sed. Donec sem leo, viverra ac elit eget, posuere bibendum velit. Nunc diam est, pellentesque vitae finibus et, iaculis non lorem. Quisque ullamcorper augue non tellus vehicula dictum.


The simplest call returns defaults for the template (size=70%, solid border).

Code: {{User:DoubleYou/Sandbox/Alert small|type=bug|text=Your text here.}}
Bug-Logo.png Bug: Your text here.


Explicitly define a size (%) using either a keyword or an integer between 0 - 100.

Code: {{User:DoubleYou/Sandbox/Alert small|type=notice|size=mid|text=Your text here.}}
Code: {{User:DoubleYou/Sandbox/Alert small|type=notice|size=23|text=Your text here.}}
Info-Logo.png Notice: Your text here.
Info-Logo.png Notice: Your text here.


Using it within a list!

  • TextHere
Info-Logo.png Notice: Your text here.
  • One more item here.
  • just keeps going!

All Examples[edit]

Bug-Logo.png Bug: Your text here.
Weapon.png Under Construction: Your text here.
Fallout3.png Fallout 3 Specific: Your text here.
Newvegas.png Fallout NV Specific: Your text here.
Loot.png LOOT: Your text here.
Mcmicon1.png MCM: Your text here.
Moicon.png MO Users: Your text here.
Info-Logo.png Notice: Your text here.
Warning-Logo.png Warning: Your text here.

Related Templates[edit]

  • Template:Alert - A larger version of this Template to be used for a more obvious visual reference (will NOT work in lists as this version does).