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Whats in the future of this guide/things I will look at?:

Restored Content/Open:

  • A new overhauled Freeside Open is close to release. It has patches for TTW Interiors, Streetlights, and TTW patch.
  • Strip Open is in progress.
  • New LOD is being created to match Strip Wall Billboards

More Open:

  • A new version of Metro Carriage Interiors is being designed to bring them all into the main worldspace. Now when you try to enter a Metro Carriage, Boxcar, or Monorail the doors will open instead of being greeted with a loading screen!


  • Hitman has released new 1st person animation overhaul. This will be added when released on nexus.


  • ILO is coming out with TTW specific version. This will also cover TTW Interiors.
  • Further graphics enhancements and script performance are coming to RWLE


  • new & improved LOD meshes and textures are being worked on to match NMC's. This will additionally be dispersed for use in FO3 and FNV. Pop-in be gone!


  • Sortomatic - Modders Resource. Patches for TTW Interiors are being looked at.


  • Afterschool Special
  • The New Bison Steve Hotel and Lucky Casino
  • The Someguy Series
  • New Vegas Bounties I
  • New Vegas Bounties II

UI (to be added)

  • CASM with MCM
  • Darnified UI
  • Advanced Recon Trap Detection
  • Advanced Recon Range Finder
  • Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision
  • FPS Weapon Wheel


  • Animated Sweat Effect
  • Body Replacers
  • FCO + Redesigned
  • Distributed Necklaces and Chains Neck Seam Concealer
  • Holster
  • Holster - new mesh for Heavensturkey
  • Spice of Life - Variety Armor and Clothing


  • CaliberX the quest system this uses is really inefficient. A possible rewrite is in the works.