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FNVEdit Merging Guide using the Merge Plugins Script v1.9.0 (Instructions by Neovalen)

Run FNVEdit
Select only the mod files to be merged then click [OK]. These must be sorted in the order specified.
Shift/Left-click to select the files to be merged in the left pane.
Right-click one of the files to be merged and select "Apply Script".
In the script drop down, select "Merge plugins vX.XX" then click [OK].
Unless otherwise stated in the guide, the advanced settings should be configured per the image below. Apply any special settings as indicated in the guide, then click [OK].
When prompted with the "Select File" window, click [OK] to create a new file.
Type the file name without extension as indicated in the guide then click [OK].
Click the [X] in the upper right hand corner, verify "Backup plugins" is unchecked, select only the merge output file then click [OK].
The new plugin file and all files for the related mods will be placed into the <Mod Organizer>/Overwrite directory. Right-click the "Overwrite" mod in the Mod Organizer left pane select "Create Mod".
Give it the name suggested in the guide or other meaningful name and drag the resulting mod to the location where the merge is in the guide but above any optionals not included in the merge then activate it.
Uncheck the source mods in the left pane of Mod Organizer as they are now included in the new mod folder. However, if there are other plugin files such as a .ESM not included the merge they must be manually  copied to the new merged mod.