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Purpose & Usage[edit source]

Allows customizing the table of contents (TOC) on the left or right side of the content area. Heading depth can be specified and numbering can be turned off. Default template call (without parameters) results in a numbered TOC on the right with a max of three heading levels.

NOTE: Default wiki behavior is left-aligned TOC with all applicable heading levels shown and numbered.

Required Parameters[edit source]


Optional Parameters[edit source]

float - Specify to float the TOC to the left.

Default: float=right
  • left
  • right

limit - Limit the TOC hierarchy from the top to the bottom heading number specified (excluding h1).

Default: limit=3
  • 2 through 6

number - Disable the outline numbering prefix in the TOC items.

Default: number=on
  • on
  • off

Examples[edit source]

Default Specification[edit source]

{{TOC}} Default specification. Equivalent to: {{{TOC|float=right|limit=3}}

Left aligned, no numbering, more heading levels[edit source]


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