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Purpose & Usage[edit source]

This template is used to change text color in accordance with the site color pallet. Deviation from this template using inline styling or other means is not recommended.



Always use a 'named' second parameter (text) when using this template to color text that includes an equal ('=') symbol to avoid parser errors.

Required Parameters[edit source]

This template uses 'anonymous' and optionally 'named' parameters, and all are required and must appear in a particular order.

First Prameter - color - Sets the color of text

See Color Table

Second Prameter - text - Sets the text to be colored

Free text (this parameter can also be 'named' if the text to be colored includes an equal ('=') symbol)

Optional Parameters[edit source]

Not applicable.

Color Table[edit source]

The following is a table of the colors supported by the Step Wiki to maintain compatibility with site themes and colors. See the Site Color Usage for more in-depth information regarding the use of colors, including their Hex and CSS values, which will be useful for any custom development on user pages, theming, etc.

Key Words (first parameter) Usage
red, warn, warning Warning text without an "Alert" template, dropped mods, required elements, etc.
salmon, instruction, heading, note, notice Should be the most prevalent "callout" text color for notes and special instructions. Preferred over Template:AlertSmall
orange Call attention to changes such as updates or file moves, etc.
yellow, issue Call attention to issues, etc.
chartr, bug Chartreuse text; can represent 'bug' notes, etc.
green Green text
blue Use sparingly. Do not use for short phases as it can resemble links.
purple, dev, development Call out development, etc.
magenta Magenta text.
highlight, important, bright, brighter Secondary emphasis within normal text (salmon preferred), instructions, and notes
dim, dimmer Subtle text used for de-emphasis

Examples[edit source]

Default Call[edit source]

No applicable (all parameters must be specified)

Fully Specified[edit source]


{{Fc|instruction|The {{Fc|highlight|important part}} of an instruction is highlighted.}}

Result: The important part of an instruction is highlighted.


{{Fc|green|text=Use the ''text'' parameter when "=" characters are used.}}

Result: Use the text parameter when "=" characters are used.


{{Fc|nonsense|Undefined parameter key words}} don't affect text color.

Result: Undefined parameter key words don't affect text color.

See Also[edit source]

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