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Tempered Skins for Males

by traa108




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This is a Not Safe For Work (NSFW) mod page and installer!

Step recommends: Tempered Skins for Males - Dressed Version
The instructions below are for the most vanilla-like options. Users are free to customize the options to according to their preferences.

FOMOD Instructions
Tempered Skins for Males - Dressed Version
  • A - Main Files
      • ◉ A1 - Vanilla underwear
        • Next
  • B - Body diffuse options
      • ◉ B6 - Dirty light haired
        • Next
  • C - Body normal options
      • ◉ C1 - Ripped
        • Next
  • D - Face diffuse options
      • ◉ D2 - Elder
        • Next
  • E - Face normal options
      • ◉ E2 - Harsh
        • Next
  • F - Facemarks, scars (not necessary)
      • ☐ Select None or Nothing for all
        • Next
  • Warning
    • Attention
      • ☑ I got it
        • Install

Hide the following files:

  • textures/actors/character/argonianmale (entire folder)
  • textures/actors/character/khajiitmale/
  • textures/actors/character/male/
  • textures/actors/character/male/
  • textures/armor/briarheart/
  • textures/armor/briarheart/