SkyrimLE:Lightning During Thunder Storms

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Lightning During Thunder Storms

by Minty
Game: SkyrimLE
Download: Nexus
Mod Group: 18-Lighting & Weather
Baseline: n/a
Links: Forum
CR Patch: No
LW Patch: Yes
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In the MCM settings for Lightning During Thunder Storms (Minty Lightning), STEP recommends changing following settings: Lightning Config - Fork Lightning Options

  • Hostile
    • Default: unticked
    • STEP: ticked
      • This will make the lightning strikes that hit the ground hostile. This means they can hurt you, NPCs and creatures. This is more realistic. If you don't like this, leave it unticked.
  • Frequency Delay
    • Default: 5 secs
    • STEP: 25 secs
      • This will reduce the frequency at which these ground strikes occur. STEP has increased this setting to provide a more realistic feel. The new setting will produce approximately one strike every 25 secs instead of one strike every 5 secs.

Leave all other settings unchanged.