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by Boris Vorontsov
Game: SkyrimLE
Download: Other
Mod Group: 02-Extenders
Baseline: n/a
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CR Patch: No
LW Patch: No

Guide/Version-Specific Mod Recommendations[edit]

Existing Guides
Version-specific Recommendations must use a Version string equal to that of both ModList and Guide!Copy/paste the intended guide version from the "Existing Guides" table above (if it exists) into the field below.Editors: Please DO NOT use wiki headings inside of custom Recommendations and also avoid using templates if at all possible! Template calls add to the max threshold, and headings mess up the guide ToC.


ENBoost is required! Due to Skyrim LE's 32-bit memory limit, ENBoost must be used by everyone.

The following instructions pertain only to ENBoost; the memory manager of ENBSeries. Do not install a full ENB Preset during the Step Guide setup! This can be done later, after the installation of the Guide is confirmed to be working.


  1. Download and install the DirectX 9 Runtimes.
    This is for good measure to prevent some commonly reported issues on the forums. Be sure to install it and not just extract it!
  2. Visit ENBSeries website to download the latest archive.
    Do not use the Skyrim Nexus version of ENBoost due to incorrect settings for Step Guides.
    • Click the link for the latest archive (usually the one on the top of the list)
  3. On the next page click the Down1.gif button to download the archive.
  4. Open the archive and go to the "WrapperVersion" folder, then extract only the following files into the root Skyrim directory (do NOT copy into the 'Data' directory!):
    • d3d9.dll
    • enbhost.exe
    • enblocal.ini

Alternatively, if the "WrapperVersion" does not function as advertised, try the "InjectorVersion". Remove any existing remnants of the Wrapper version, and extract only the enbhost.exe, ENBInjector.exe, enbinjector.ini, enblocal.ini, and enbseries.dll files from the "InjectorVersion" folder into ./skyrim/. Users must run ENBInjector.exe before running the game for the injector version to work properly.

Configure enblocal.ini
The following are important changes that are either required or highly recommended. Advanced users see the detailed INI configuration settings for more information:

  • This value should be set to lowest possible value without experiencing stutter. Increase this value until stuttering is either gone or minimal. See advanced guide above for more information.
VideoMemorySizeMb=<integer in MB>
  • Users should download and run Boris's VRamSizeTest tool. Run the VRamSizeDX9.exe. Windows users subtract 350 from the value provided and use that value.

Be sure the parameters in the [THREADS] section match what is below! These are for special case use only. You are 99% not likely one of those special cases! The section should remain as follows:


(Optional) Enable Windowed Mode
This may be a necessary performance enhancement for some users. If experiencing stuttering and the [MEMORY] section is verified to be set up properly, enabling or disabling these parameters could help resolve some stuttering.