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STEP Compilation

by STEP Team




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Download and install the STEP Compilation Installer main file of your choice. Normal Res version follows the STEP baselines. High Res version are the higher resolution options for the mods which have them. Follow the instructions in the advanced FOMOD.

  • The installer will ask to overwrite the STEP Optimized Textures from early in the guide, it is recommended to give the Compilation a different name, so Mod Organizer will install the mod in a separate folder.
    1. Type a name into the text field where the filename is located or choose one from the dropdown menu.
    2. Continue with the FOMOD and select the appropriate options.

The STEP patches are now included in the STEP Compilation (this mod). The installer should help you determine which Patches are available to be installed with each user's setup. If an option is not available for selection, there is a missing mod or plugin in the setup which is needed by the STEP Patches. See the OP of the forum topic to help determine any missing mods.