STEP 2.2 Announcement

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Introducing STEP v2.2

STEP is evolving rapidly, and the upcoming release offers up many new features and resources. It is easier to install, and comes complete with tools and instructions that will greatly simplify maintenance by even novice modders. STEP v2.2.0 has been carefully, and faithfully, constructed to provide Skyrim modders with what we think is among the best looking, most stable, and lore friendly mod installation guide for Skyrim.

  1. General Community Updates
    • TheCompiler has given the broader STEP Team the privilege of assisting him in developing the Guide.
    • The core STEP Team consists of: Farlo, frihyland, stoppingby4now, and z929669 with TheCompiler at the helm as founder.
    • Moving forward, the STEP Team will not only administer the STEP Community site, but also help develop, test, and maintain the mod list and PDF.
    • The STEP Websites will be the main resource for all things STEP, housing the Wiki, Forums, and all development efforts.
    • The STEP Nexus site will continue to be the distribution outlet for official releases, and the primary gateway to official resources.
      • Look for an update of the Nexus site soon!
    • An additional project has been started named STEP Thunderbolt aimed at providing an easier method of getting, organizing, customizing, and installing all the various mods of STEP.
    • The mod list is undergoing closer scrutiny, and many new (and old) STEP mod candidates need to be tested for compatibility with 1.7 and Dawnguard. Expect a completely overhauled mod list in the coming weeks.
    • A new feedback system allows for greater coordination with the community, selection of quality mods, and easier updates between releases.
  2. Revised PDF and Guide - credit to Roogal [original dark theme mockup] & z929669/frihyland [content update & aesthetic overhaul]
    • Updated STEP Guide layout and appearance.
      • New look and feel.
      • Completely rewritten with a more professional cadence.
      • Includes new and updated information.
      • Integration with the STEP Wiki.
    • Introducing STEP Expansion Packs: optional mod collections to enhance gameplay. First up are the Post Processing and Hardcore packs.
  3. Enhanced Wiki - credit to stoppingby4now [skin & layout] & Farlo [wiki infrastructure design]
New Wiki skin
  • New and unique custom skin.
  • Built to provide the most up-to-date information regarding STEP to ensure mods can be updated while maintaining compatibility.
  • Designed as an information repository.
  • Contains STEP-related information for every mod in the guide.
    • Specialized installation instructions and advice to enhance the PDF.
  1. Want to help STEP?
    • We select contributors from the community, if you have made a few dozen posts on our forums that were thoughtful, productive and well researched and would like to become more formally involved.
      • We're now accepting applications for Mod Testers. Do you have the know-how and dedication to work closer with the development team and make STEP better? Sign up here.
      • There are also Wiki Editor openings in order to help maintain the new Wiki database with the newest and most accurate information possible. Previous experience a plus, but not necessary. Sign up here.
    Yes we know there is no link for signing up, when we are ready to begin recruiting the links will go live