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Standalone applications that aid in the management of the ''modding process''  +
Mods that expand on the inherent functionality of a game or another mod without themselves affecting content  +
Mods ''solely'' providing assets intended specifically for use by other mods without themselves affecting content  +
''Baseline'' mods that should be overridden by other mods AND/OR that make widely-accepted programmatic changes expected by other mods  +
Mods that affect animations or physics  +
Mods that ''replace'' existing models or textures  +
Mods that affect sounds or music  +
Mods that affect the appearance of the player character or NPCs  +
Mods have a programmatic component that fixes various bugs and/or inconsistencies  +
Mods that affect general ''or multiple'' gameplay mechanics  +
Mods that affect AI, stats, or combat mechanics of NPCs  +
Mods that affect currency, rewards, values, rates, or any other economy-related mechanics  +
Mods that help to improve game immersion and role-playing scenarios  +
Mods that alter aspects of quests and/or related lore  +
Mods that affect the player character's or NPC skills and perks or related leveling  +
Mods that affect any aspect of the user interface  +
Mods that programmatically add ''new'' or alter vanilla locations  +
Mods that affect lighting and/or weather systems **<span class="yellowtx">''installation is optional''</span>**  +
Mods that generate derived mod output from load-order-specific assets  +
Mods that programmatically resolve load-order conflicts  +