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ENBSeries - Multiple Weathers

by: The Step Team and community



Multiple Weathers is a large subtopic to cover, therefore, it has been split off onto its own subpage. Though current content is relevant, it's by no means complete.

ENBSeries Weather System

Using ENB Helper allows edits to features for each specific weathers. ENB Helper is essentially an API that queries current weather information from the game and applies slimmed down variants of enbseries.ini. These variant INIs will override conflicting parameters within the main enbseries.ini file when specific weathers occur, allowing configuration of various features to differ depending on the weather type. These variations can be very complex (one file per unique weather) or very general (one file for only a small number of specific weathers). The all weather files are placed within the ..\enbseries\ folder, which is usually found within the game folder.

Configuring a Preset that doesn't support multiple weathers is currently not covered by this Guide.

Skyrim LE

EnableMultipleWeathers=(false, true)

Enables/disables use of the "helper" library and weather files to provide customized weathers.

Skyrim SE

IgnoreWeatherSystem=(false, true)

This parameter is found many times throughout the file, usually at the top of each heading. When this parameter is listed under a heading, it indicates the feature that corresponds to the heading is compatible with the built in weather system (see Weather for more information).

When a feature is compatible with this system, users will see the following on its page: This feature is Weather compatible!