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Sniper Rifle Retexture

by Millenia




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Download the optional file only.


Of all the mods in the FNV Guide, this one has the most steps and is probably the hardest to install correctly as it requires the most manual tweaking. Read the instructions carefully first and if they seem too much, simply skip this mod.

  1. Download and install the ChristineCOSRifle optional file only.

The following steps will make the mod compatible with WMX.

  1. Double-click on the mod in the left pane of MO and go to the Optional ESPs tab.
  2. Move christinecos.esp to the Optional ESPs tab, then click on [Close].
  3. Right-click on the mod in the left pane of MO and select Open in Explorer.
  4. In the explorer window navigate to the textures folder.
  5. Within the textures folder create a new folder (right click on an empty spot and select New>Folder). Rename it to WeaponModsExpanded.
  6. Drag the weapons folder inside the newly created WeaponModsExpanded folder.
  7. Open the WeaponModsExpanded folder and rename the weapons folder in it to oldworldblues.
  8. Now navigate to \textures\WeaponModsExpanded\oldworldblues\2handrifle and create a new folder (right click on an empty spot and select New>Folder). Rename it to cossniperrifle.
  9. Now drag and drop all the loose textures (the other files in the directory) in the newly created cossniperrifle folder.
  10. Open the cossniperrifle folder. If you did everything correctly, the filepath should be \textures\WeaponModsExpanded\oldworldblues\2handrifle\cossniperrifle.
  11. Duplicate the christinecos.dds file 3 times until there are four duplicates in total.
  12. Rename the four files to 1stpersonsniperriflecarbonurban.dds, 1stpersonsniperrifleurban.dds, sniperriflecarbonurban.dds, sniperrifleurban.dds respectively.

A good way to check if you did everything right is to check the Conflicts column on the left pane of MO. Right-click on an empty spot on the left pane and select "Refresh". If you see the green-plus-and-lighting icon appear, then everything is OK.