FalloutNV:NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix

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NVTF - New Vegas Tick Fix

by carxt, lStewieAl, tgspy




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Download and install the latest version.

The full functionality of this mod can only be unlocked in windowed mod. It is recommended to use it in conjunction with One Tweak. Do not use this mod with an ENB, they are not compatible.


WARNING: These edits must be repeated every time the mod is updated.

It is recommended to change some of the default INI settings:
  1. Double-click the mod in Mod Organizer and select [Ini-Files].
  2. Find the following lines and change their values to the ones suggested (save and Exit when done):

bRedoHashtables=1 bModifyDirectXBehavior=1 bEnableThreadingTweaks=1 bToggleTripleBuffering=1


The Havok engine that's incorporated in Fallout New Vegas causes various bugs at FPS above 60Hz. For most users Step recommends capping the games maximum FPS at 60 via the videocard drivers. However, this might not be desired by users who own high-end videocards and monitors capable of refreshrates above 60Hz. The following sectionsupport for those that want to play the game at higher than 60 FPS:

  1. Use your videocard drivers to cap the game at the desired FPS.
  2. Double-click the mod in Mod Organizer and select [Ini-Files].
  3. Now go to the [FPSFix] section and adjust the iMaxFPSTolerance to the desired maximum FPS amount +60. For example, if your monitor's refreshrate is 120 Hz, you should set the value at (120+60)= 180. You MUST ensure your game FPS do not go above iMaxFPSTolerance =be it with an FPS capper or another method, otherwise the game's logic will speed up.
  4. Find the following line in the [GTC] section and make sure the value is set as suggested:
  • Those that still experience issues should try the alternative FPS Fix:

[GTC] bFPSFix=0 bAlternateGTCFix=0

  • In same occasions playing at high FPS will cause the so-called "Spider Hands" glitch (player's fingers growing longer). Find and modify the following line to fix it: