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changelog Current-Guide Changes (since release)[edit]


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Modified Mod Notes[edit]


  • Removed fDecalLifetime=512.0 INI tweak, as it is unnecessary and overwritten by Enhanced Blood INI

Initial Release Changes (with release)[edit]

Mod Additions[edit]


Mod Removals[edit]


STEP:Core Changes[edit]

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Install-Order Changes[edit]

Guide Changes[edit]

Section 1.F.1 Skyrim INI[edit]
  • Removed the [camera] tweaks, since they represent a play-style preference ... we may add back to the guide in the future as an optional
  • Removed the [interface] book tweaks, because it was not clear that they had any effect and may have caused issues for some users.
  • Removed [general] iLargeIntRefCount tweak, as it may have been causing problems for some. Until more research confirms behavior, the default settings are preferable.
Section 1.F.2 SkyrimPrefs INI[edit]
  • Removed [display] ShadowmapResolution tweaks, due to high-performance requirement - this will likely be added back with more description and options later.
  • Removed [display] iMaxDecalsPerFrame tweak, since it may have been causing problems for some. More research needed and more options likely will be provided later.
The core STEP team is:[edit]
  • Revised the list of core team members. Mentioning only active administrators and moderators at this time.
  • Commented Donations template. Not enough people were claiming contributions, so the information was unfairly limited to a small number of people who contributed many months ago or more.