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Guide Changes[edit]

  • New format! Read our announcement for more information.
  • Updated installation instructions, INI tweaks, and utilities.
  • Easy to read tables for the mod list.
  • Revised mod list order

Mod changes[edit]



  • Arrow Pickup Fix
  • Fixed Mannequins


  • Barrow Button Fix
  • Blacksmith Forge Water Fix
  • Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows
  • Fuz Ro D'oh
  • Nitpick
  • Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Textures and Graphics[edit]


  • 101 Bugs: Missing from Nexus
  • Advanced Alloys
  • Bellyache's Saddles
  • Better Dwemer Ruins pending further testing
  • Burial Urn: missing from Nexus
  • Celtic and Braided Rugs
  • Clothing Fixes by Request: included in SMIM
  • College of Winterhold
  • Dramatic Clouds
  • Dynavision: causes save bloat
  • Imaginator: causes save bloat
  • More Dynamic Shadows
  • Nordic Ruins: missing from Nexus
  • RCRN
  • Ruins Urn
  • Softer Animal Fur
  • Various Guard Outfits

Removed the following in order to maintain maximum immersion. Most will return in v2.3

  • Accingite Vos
  • Casual Bow Animations
  • Daedric Armor and Weapon Improvements
  • Deadly Serious Shrouded Armor
  • Dragon Priest Masks
  • High-res Ancient Nord Armor
  • High-res Glass Armor and Weapons
  • Hvergelmir's Armor and Shield
  • Millenia Weapon Retexture
  • Nightingale Prime
  • Perfect Legionnaire
  • Razor Scale & Cannibal Lord
  • Shield of Ysgramor

Removed all the mods that are incorporated in Texture Pack Combiner


  • Alternate Sunglare with Skyrim Sunglare in TPC
  • Better Decapitation Gore with Enhanced Blood
  • Crimson Tide with Enhanced Blood
  • Natural Eyes with Eyes of Beauty
  • Detailed Guard Shield and Banners and Tattered Banners with Designs of the Nords in TPC


  • Antz in my Pantz
  • Better Beast Races
  • Better Shadowmarks
  • Birds and Flocks
  • Breathing Idles
  • Chimneys for Skyrim
  • Climates of Tamriel
  • Countervibe ENB
  • Cover Khajiits
  • Elemental Staffs
  • Enhanced Vanilla ENB
  • Eye Reflection Extender
  • HQ Beards
  • Illuminated Tree LoD
  • No Spinning Death Animation
  • Project ENB
  • Quality Snowflakes
  • Real Effect Candle
  • Running With Bows
  • Skyrim Performance Plus
  • Texture Pack Combiner
  • Thinner Weapon Blades



  • Immersive HUD
  • Small Crosshair


  • CFM-Extreme Compatibility Config with CFM-Oni Edition
  • Necessary Map Markers with Cartographer's Map Markers


  • Altar Descriptions
  • Better Book Names
  • Colored Map Markers
  • Dungeon Quest Awareness
  • Lore-Based Loading Screens
  • Smaller Cursor
  • Thinner Compass


  • Removed Sounds of Skyrim: missing from Nexus


  • Better Weapon Swings
  • Roosters At Dawn
  • Waterbreathing Breathless Emerge



  • Centered Third Person Camera: added to INI tweaks
  • Increased Character Height
  • Instant Camera POV Switching: added to INI tweaks
  • People Have Torches
  • Proper Third Person Horse Camera: added to INI tweaks
  • Skyrim Community Uncapper


  • Back Off Barbas with Less Annoying Barbas
  • Cowardly Horses with Convenient Horses
  • Paarthurnax Choices with Paarthurnax Dilemma


  • Deja Vu
  • Dynamic Fires
  • Follower Trap Safety
  • Gildergreen Regrown
  • More Salt Please
  • More Village Animals
  • Wearable Lanterns