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Release Changes


C - Mods that expand on the inherent functionality of a game or another mod without themselves affecting content
D - Mods have a programmatic component that fixes various bugs and/or inconsistencies
E - Mods that affect any aspect of the user interface

Skyrim Skill Interface Re-Texture

Corrected the language for an option in the installer instructions.
F - Mods that replace existing models or textures

Static Mesh Improvement Mod

Updated mod instructions to v2.07.

Skyrim Realistic Overhaul

Updated mod page with clarification on files to download.

High Quality Food and Ingredients

Added a note to hide one of the textures.
G - Mods that replace existing models or textures

Farmhouse Chimneys

Updated the FOMOD instructions for the latest version of the mod.

Vivid Clouds and Fogs

Updated notification on the page since the Extended Weathers plugin is now required for the STEP Patches.
H -

FAR-Forgotten Argonian Roots

Updated installation instructions to include 'no glow skin' option.

Wiseman303s Critter Fixes

Updated options for the installer since 101Bugs was removed.
I - Mods that replace existing models or textures
J -
K - Mods that replace existing models or textures
L - Mods that affect sounds or music
M -
N - Patches

Bashed Patch

Updated instructions for the Tweaks section and added instructions to re-enable BetterQuestObjectives.esp.

Modified Mod Notes/Pages


  • Updated a link to donations.
  • Updated Section O for the change to Modern Brawl Bug Fix.