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Bashed Patch

by Wrye Bash Team




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You must run LOOT before creating the Bashed Patch. Please ensure that you have added the necessary LOOT meta rules from the following mod pages:

To create the Bashed Patch:

  1. Ensure all your plugins are active in Mod Organizer.
  2. Launch Wrye Bash via Mod Organizer.
  3. Right click on "bashed patch, 0.esp", and select [Rebuild Patch].
  4. At the Deactivate these mods... prompt, click [OK].
  5. Leave any boxes that are check as is, but ensure at least the following boxes are checked: "Merge Patches", "Import Names", "Import Stats", "Tweak Settings" (optional), and "Leveled Lists".
  6. (optional )Highlight "Tweak Settings", and tick the boxes next to "Arrow: Speed", "Crime: Alarm Distance", and "Timescale".
    • (Optional) Set "Arrow: Speed" to [1.4x] (higher value = faster arrows)
    • (STEP:Core Users only) Right-click on "Crime: Alarm Distance" and select [1200]
    • (Optional) Set "Timescale" to a value between [20] and no less than [10] (lower value = longer days in-game).
  7. Next click [Build Patch] at the bottom of the window to construct the patch based on the current plugin list/order
  8. Once it's done choose to activate it and close WB.
  9. During the patching, WB disabled several mods. Only re-enable WM Trap Fixes.esp and BetterQuestObjectives.esp.

Rebuild the Bashed Patch again each time the plugin load list/order changes. However, you will not need to do so after SkyrimLE:Dual Sheath Redux, SkyrimLE:Better Shaped Weapons, SkyrimLE:Fores New Idles in Skyrim, or SkyrimLE:Dynamic Distant Objects LOD

After closing Wrye Bash and returning to MO, the "bashed patch, 0.esp" will be located in the "Overwrite" folder. (If there is no patch in Overwrite, it is probably due to past use of Wrye Bash outside Mod Organizer, which would have placed the bashed patch in the real Skyrim data folder instead of in Overwrite [1]). A different Bashed Patch can be created for every MO profile, so it is advised to move the Bashed Patch and its data to a separate mod folder. Simply right click the "Overwrite" folder and select [Create Mod], then name it. Example is "STEP Core Bashed Patch". You will then need to check it to enable it. Each subsequent time you rebuild the patch, you must open Overwrite and drag the new files back to this mod.

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