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This guide is not current! It may contain information that is incorrect or not in line with the current state of the game!
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  • This update cleans the guide from non-necessary mods, it is recommended to install all the mods related to the textures folder from scratch following the step-4*
  • Added "Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames=0" tweak to Nvidia Inspector settings.
  • Updated screenshots.


  • Death Cam Duration Options (NOTE: I recommend to use the "60 sec" version)
  • Epic Enhanced Skyrim Soundtrack (NOTE: This is pure epicness, use it along the above mod)


  • Armor Improvement and Clothes Improvement (Many users reported they're too sharpen and too colorful, expecially if using FXAA Injector)
  • Enhanced Horse Skins (No need for this, we use "Slofs Simple Horse Retex")
  • Snow and Rocks HD ("Skyrim HD" has re-introduced its old, and great, mountains textures, no need for this anymore)
  • Beautiful Skyrim - HD Clutter and Furniture (Differs too much from the original feeling and atmosphere of the game)
  • Beautiful Skyrim - Legendary Weapons (Too colorful)
  • Glaciers Retexured (Doesn't seem an improvement after a second analysis)
  • Improved Teeth (File seems to be unavailable, will be reuploaded in future, probably in a package)

Updated mod NOTES:

  • Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (NOTE: I recommend to use also "Alternate Mountains" addon)
  • HD Furniture and Barrels (No NOTE anymore)
  • A Higher Quality of Shields (No NOTE anymore)
  • Realistic Magical Impacts (No NOTE anymore)
  • Slofs Simple Horse Retex (No NOTE anymore)
  • Skeleton Better Textures (No NOTE anymore)