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Cathedral Landscapes

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Please be aware this mod deviates to a degree from the vanilla style with respect to some landscape textures. However, we feel the benefits the mod brings out-weigh this drawback. Those who wish to use another mod must install Blended Roads.

The following FOMOD instructions are for the most vanilla-like options, but deviation from this is user preference.

  1. Download and install the Main File (instructions below).
FOMOD Instructions
Landscapes - Cathedral Concept
    • Select Install
      • ◉ Full Install, Brown Tundra
        • Next
    • Select Roads
      • ◉ Blended Roads
        • Install
  1. Download and install the LODGEN Textures for v3 Optional File.
    • Don't merge this file! Install it separately! This file will be installed as a separate mod so that it can be activated for LOD generation later in the guide and deactivated after. Name the file something like: "(TEMP) - Cathedral Landscapes - LODGen".
INI Edits

Cathedral Landscapes includes it's own INI file, therefore users are not required to make any changes in BethINI to support the mod. However, some users may wish to have more or less grass. To do this:

  1. Double-click on the mod listing in MO's left pane.
  2. Select the INI Files tab and select the listed INI.
  3. Change the value of the iMinGrassSize setting (also refer to iMinGrassSize INI definition).
    • Higher values = less grass and increased performance
    • Lower values = more grass and decreased performance
    • Default for Cathedral is 60. Step suggests changing this value by intervals of 10 until the desired result is reached.
  4. Click [Close] and then [OK] to save the changes.