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1. Install & Utilities[edit | edit source]

1.A Install Morrowind[edit | edit source]


1.B Install Utilities[edit | edit source]

Utility Format Notes
7-Zip .EXE Install 64-bit version, only use 32-bit if 64-bit doesn't work
Mod Organizer 2 EXE/ZIP Use the included tutorial

Mod organizer let's you download and install mods in the easiest way, while isolating the mods from your game folder.
Click the instant links to start downloading the mods directly in mod organizer(MO), adding mods manually is as easy
as dragging the files into MO's "downloads" tab. Links labeled "MA" starts the download in the browser where MO links are not available.

1.C Install MGE XE or OpenMW[edit | edit source]

Morrowind 2018-07-12

Patch name Use with Mod Organizer Notes
Morrowind Code Patch No Only needed with MGE
OpenMW No This is an alternative to MGE and MCP
ModOrganizer-to-OpenMW Yes For crosstalk between OMW and MO

1.D Main mods[edit | edit source]

Morrowind 2018-07-12

Patch name Use with Mod Organizer Notes Instant link
Morrowind Official Plugins Yes(add manually) Patched Bethesda plugins MA
Morrowind Optimization Patch Yes Optional file not needed MO
Dunmer Lanterns Replacer Yes Meshes for lanterns MO
WIP Detailed Correct UV Rocks Yes MO
Better Meshes plus Optimization Yes MO
MOAR Mesh Replacers Yes Delete furn_basket_01.nif in Meshes/f MO
Patch for Purists Yes All in one patch MO
Animation Compilation Yes New animations MO
HD Vanilla Textures Yes Alternative MO1 MO
Remiros' Ascadian Isles Trees Yes Install Vanilla edition MO
Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer Yes Replacer for the West Gash trees MO
Bitter Coast Redux II Yes Use the vanilla option MO
Vanilla Land Yes Land textures MA
Morrowind VanillaPlus Yes Disable MO
Westly's Pluginless Head and Hair Replacer Yes(add manually) Replacer for heads
Ozzy's Grass Mod Yes(add manually) MGE: Generate OpenMW: Activate esp

1.E User interface[edit | edit source]

Patch name Use with Mod Organizer Notes Instant link
Journal and scroll BG replacement Yes Hires scrolls and pages MO
HD Concept-art splash screen and main menu Yes Empty the "splash" folder first MO
Chocolate UI Yes Hires UI elements MO

1.F Immersion and content[edit | edit source]

Morrowind 2018-07-13

Patch name Use with Mod Organizer Notes Instant link
The Publicans Yes More beds for rent MO
Diseases Restored Yes New ways to die MO
Holidays Across Tamriel - Vvardenfell Yes MO
Subtle Magic Glow Yes New texture MO
Better Waterfalls Yes New texture MO
Yet Another Guard Diversity Yes Varied guards MO
A Strange Plant Yes(add manually) Nirnroot on Vvardenfell
Mines and Caverns Yes Improves several vanilla dungeons MO

1.G Optional gameplay changes[edit | edit source]

Morrowind 2018-07-12

Patch name Use with Mod Organizer Notes Instant link
Movement Fatigue Halved Yes(add manually) Better alternative to "always hit"-mods MA
Purist Friendly Magicka Regen Yes Adds magicka regeneration to the game MO
Creeper and Mudcrab Merchant Balance Yes Makes mercantile useful MO
Delayed DB Attack V2 Yes Tribunal integration MO

1.H Configure MGEXE[edit | edit source]

Morrowind 2018-07-12
Download either the high or low preset, extract to the Morrowind folder.
High suits systems with a dedicated graphics card best, while low is best for integrated such as Intel HD series.
Then generate distant land with grass at 100% density and all plugins. Disable grass plugins in launcher before starting the game.
Go to the ingame tab and fill in these light settings: Quadratic - 2.619, linear - 0, constant - .382.
Also Enable thread loading and yes to all errors. The install is now ready to be played.
That being said, should you have any questions, then don't hesitate to join our Discord server!