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About Step Modifications

aka, 'STEP'

by: Step Modifications

Welcome to Step Modifications!

TheCompiler originally created the "Skyrim Total Enhancement Project" (aka, STEPSTEP) on the day Bethesda released Skyrim on November 11, 2011 as a 'mod' on Nexus Mods; hosting a PDF modding guide. Soon after, a few of the Nexus guide's most ardent advocatesSTEP Founders established The Forums to replace the limited posting abilities of the Nexus page. Almost immediately The Wiki was conceived as a means to host the STEP modding guide, itself, in addition to many other modding-related guides. Collectively, The Forum and The Wiki are referred to as our "platform" or "The Site".

Since those early days, STEP has incorporated as a nonprofit under the alias "Step Modifications"; thus, "STEP" became "Step Modifications". We operate this community-maintained website and provide a guided "modding methodology" primarily with respect to Bethesda RPGs, but we also support other mod-able games. Step's official guides are geared towards the general public, so little to no technical experience is required to understand and use our core guides. That said, we also offer and support advanced modding guides. To this day, The Site is a free resource and service available to all; without any on-site advertising. Step relies on community contributions to help with operating costs, such as hosting and application fees; our only significant expense other than time.

In order to support a game, we require at least one individual --or preferably a team-- with extensive familiarity of said game as well as expertise in general modding, particularly within the context of said game. The Wiki also hosts community-generated content, and we welcome such contributions. Many wiki articles link to corresponding forum topics for discussion rather than relying on the built-in wiki 'Talk' pages, which can still be used.

Step Modifications practices "cathedral modding" or "Open Modding" (see Open Modding Guide), which aligns well with our nonprofit status. Since we do interact with other modding sites, like Nexus Mods, and users that practice or allow the parlor philosophy, Step also respects the parlor philosophy of modding as it relates to the work of mod authors and their individual philosophies and rights. Nevertheless as part of our work as a nonprofit work, if work is hosted from Step, given to Step, or created by Step then it's either community owned or becomes community owned upon its transference to Step (see Stewardship ServiceCC BY-NC-SA).

{{#scite:STEP |type=ref |citation text=STEP became a nonprofit corporation under the official name of "Step Modifications" in November, 2018. Step Modifications is still validly referred to officially as "STEP", but this title is no longer intended to represent "Skyrim Total Enhancement Project", because STEP now supports more than just Skyrim. }}

{{#scite:STEP Founders |type=ref |citation text=The STEP website was founded by: Bealdwine, EisDrache, Farlo, frihyland, MontyMM, stoppingby4now, and z929669 }}

{{#scite:CC BY-NC-SA |type=web |citation text=See Creative Commons licenses: "Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. Upon the licensed authority of proprietary content allowing Step --in a written statement-- to host said content, said content automatically adopt(s) the CC BY-NC-SA license to override any previous license that may pertain. Thus, there will be no restrictions placed on use of said content outside of this license. CC FAQ }}