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The Texture Pack Combiner (TPC) will merge the three popular texture packs: Skyrim HD by NebuLa, Serious HD by Z4G4, Skyrim Realistic Overhaul by Starac, as well as 42 optional mods; putting them all together into a single, fully compatible and load-order free package.

This is not just some cheap copy+paste merge similar to what you get by utilizing different load orders of your mods. There is substantial work behind it. Every single texture has been hand picked after extensive testing with different texture combinations, and each texture has been measured against certain key points. More on that later. The bottom line is that this is the result of a rather gruesome, time consuming process that has required thousands of screenshots, saved games and over 200 hours of work. Basically, this file right here lets you do in 10 minutes what I did in 200 hours.

STEP Recommendations

Baseline: Light

After extracting TPC (either the full of light version), you will have the combiner itself (a batch file) and two folders: Required Mods and Optional Mods. Inside these folders are folders for each mod to be combined. Unless stated otherwise, place the textures and/or meshes folders from the mod archive into the respective folder. As you extract the mods into these folders, make sure that the files placed there match with the "This folder.txt" file in each one. Below are the STEP baseline recommendations for each mod and installation notes.

Required Mods

  • Skyrim HD: 4 files - Lite
    Insert the Dungeons, Landscape, Misc, and Towns files for whichever resolution. Don't use the BSA version.
  • Serious HD: 1 file - 10242
    Do not use any update or optional files.
  • Skyrim Realistic Overhaul: 4 files (high-res) or 2 files (low-res) - Low-res
    Also install the v1.5 update. Dawnguard users can also use the Dawnguard update, place them in the same folder.

Optional Mods

With all the files in place, run the batch file and take note of where it says the "Combined" folder will be placed (should be alongside the others). Press the "any key" and the combiner will do it's magic. When finished, exit the batch file and inside the "Combined" folder you'll find a "Data" folder. Use this folder to install the mod as you would any other, either through a mod manager or by copy/pasting it into your "Skyrim" directory.