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This section is used to enable borderless window with Skyrim. Enabling borderless window can also enable the use of Alt+Tab to run Skyrim in the background.

If EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks= is set to true under [MEMORY] section, Alt+Tab will not work, regardless of the parameter value set here.


Enables/disables borderless window. This setting forces the game to run in a window rather than as a fullscreen application as it normally would. However, the window will, in fact, be fullscreen and without a border so the appearance of the game, on screen, will not be any different. This enables users to Alt-Tab in and out of the game without issue. Some users have also reported an increase in stability with this mode active.

ForceBorderless=(false, true)


This parameter will remove the border lines of the game window when Skyrim is set to Fullscreen Mode. This is best used when down sampling is also used.

ForceBorderlessFullscreen=(false, true)