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DarNified UI - TTW

by Axonis, DarN, Jesus H Christ, MamaStankum, Roy Batty, pintocat




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  1. Download the main file and the Optional file "MCM matches HUD". These files are not on Nexus, so use your web browser to download them.
  2. Once downloading is complete, open MO and find the Downloads tab.
  3. Drag and drop the files from your download location to MO's Downloads tab.
    1. Double-click on the main file to install.
    2. Wait for the installation to complete and install the optional file, "Darnified MCM.7z".
    3. When the Mod Exists warning appears, click [Merge].

In order to display any text in-game, DarNified UI - TTW requires the installation of custom fonts.

  1. Click the Tools (puzzle) icon on MO's toolbar and choose INI Editor from the drop-down menu.
  2. Open the falloutprefs.ini tab and search for a [Fonts] section. If one exists (in most cases it shouldn't), delete everything listed in it (the [Fonts] header included), then click Save.
  3. Open the fallout.ini tab and search for a [Fonts] section.
    • If a [Fonts] section exists, change everything in it with the text below.
    • If no [Fonts] section exist (this should be the case in the majority of cases, simply paste the whole text below to the very bottom of the ini (the [Fonts] header included):

[Fonts] sFontFile_1=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_14.fnt sFontFile_2=Textures\Fonts\DarN_FranKleinBold_16.fnt sFontFile_3=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Monofonto_Medium.fnt sFontFile_4=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_10.fnt sFontFile_5=Textures\Fonts\Fixedsys_Comp_uniform_width.fnt sFontFile_6=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Sui_Generis_Otl_13.fnt sFontFile_7=Textures\Fonts\DarN_Libel_Suit_Otl_24.fnt sFontFile_8=Textures\Fonts\Glow_Futura_Caps_Large.fnt sFontFile_9=Textures\Fonts\NVFont_Test.fnt

  • Click Save when done.