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FPS Limiter

by GriefReaper
Game: SkyrimLE
Download: Nexus
Mod Group: 01-Tools
Baseline: n/a
Links: Forum
CR Patch: Yes
LW Patch: No

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  • AMD-graphics cards only!
  • Not necessary if using ENB!
  • This will be mostly useful for owners of powerful AMD cards like the Radeon 7970 and higher.

Extract into the <skyrim> directory beside TESV.exe and edit "antilag.cfg".

  1. Set RenderAheadLimit to:
    • '1' (least lag) or
    • '2' (performance) or
    • '0' (off)
  2. Set FPSlimit to a value between '30' and '40' (use the highest value necessary to reduce micro-stutter for powerful video cards).