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This guide is not current! It may contain information that is incorrect or not in line with the current state of the game!
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See the Mod Installation section of the guide for the revised load order.

Mod Additions[edit | edit source]

G - Mods that replace existing models or textures[edit | edit source]
H -[edit | edit source]
K - Mods that replace existing models or textures[edit | edit source]
M -[edit | edit source]

Load Order Changes[edit | edit source]

  • Better Rocks & Mountains has been moved from Section G into Section F to be overwritten by Static Mesh Improvement Mod. See Section F for the revised load order.
  • The last few mods in Section H have been re-ordered for consistency without affecting any conflicts. See Section H for the revised load order.
  • Ultimate HD Torch has been moved from Section K to Section I to better fit the section descriptions. No conflicts are effected from this move. See Section I for the revised load order.

Guide Changes[edit | edit source]

  • [E] Skill Interface's BCF has been updated for v6.0.
  • [F] Better Rocks & Mountains note has been updated for v1.4 (name change only).
  • [G] Skyrim Flora Overhaul's note has been updated with a new INI tweak to increase performance.
  • [I] Closer Quivers & Longer Arrows's note has been updated grammatically; no recommendation changes.
  • [I] Ultimate HD Torch's optional "HD Fire Effects" file is no longer recommended. Delete the following files provided by this optional:
    • Data/textures/effects/
    • Data/meshes/weapons/torch/torch.nif
  • [J] Ultimate HD Fire Effects now has a Baseline of "Medium".
  • [J] Better Turn Animation has been given detailed instructions and a BCF to remove unrealistic replacement shout animations. Delete the following files:
    • Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/1hm_shout_exhale.hkx
    • Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/mt_shout_exhale.hkx
    • Data/meshes/actors/character/animations/mt_shout_inhale.hkx