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  • Added page numbers (finally!), and fixed some wrong page number references.
  • Added few missing mod notes and tags.
  • Added a link to the mod suggestions section in the STEP Forums.
  • Added a note about how to temporary fix the missing SSAO in exteriors in Step-5A.
  • Fixed STEP WIKI wrong links.
  • Removed outdated STEP videos and added new ones.
  • Removed Sounds of Skyrim - Crash fix that was causing a slash sound script bug (UPDATE: Reinstall the other two Sound of Skyrim mods and run BOSS).
  • Removed Psychosteves Golden Gods Shrines, shrines HD texture are now included in the new version of “Ruins Clutter Improvement HD”.
  • Removed Leathers Weight Fix since no more present on Nexus.
  • Removed All in 1 Spell Fixes since included in “Unofficial Skyrim Patch” and no more present on Nexus and.
  • Swapped Esbern Quest Fix Tutorial with Esbern Talk Fix.
  • Other minor fixes.