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This guide is not current! It may contain information that is incorrect or not in line with the current state of the game!
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  • Not a detailed changelog since there’s too much to list!
  • Major guide update, requires full reinstallation of Skyrim.
  • Reorganized the whole guide structure in a more coherent fashion.
  • Reorganized mod categorization, removed “non-included mods and why” section (there’s the forum for this).
  • Guide totally adapted to the new official “HD Texture DLC”, which is strongly recommended for STEP (check Step-1B)
  • Removed FXAA Injector section: it was too taste-dependent. “Realistic Lighting w/o PP” is now the default recommendation.
  • Removed non-necessary mods, added tons of new-awesome ones.
  • Removed gameplay mods which can potentially spoil the vanilla game balance, it’s too early for a “OOO-like” mod, the CK just came out!
  • Removed some obsolete hints from Step-5.
  • Added a working Paypal donation button (by popular demand)
  • Other minor guide improvements.