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  • IMPORTANT: Run BOSS (step-4H) and enable the esps after installing those mods!
  • In step-4 adjusted few mods placement.


  • Deadly Traps and Sickly Diseases
  • Extra Spell Hotkeys (NOTE: Put the files in Skyrim/Asi folder (create that folder). Requires "Script Dragon")
  • New Firewood
  • PISE - Improved Skyrim Experience (NOTE: From the Optionals also pick "PISE-Difficult Bartering.esp", "PISE-Misc Vendors.esp" and "PISE-Vendors.esp". DON'T use Darker Night since causes graphical glitches!)
  • Script Dragon (NOTE: Put the asi and ini files in Skyrim/Asi folder (create that folder), and the 2 dll files in Skyrim folder)
  • Smart Souls (NOTE: Put the dll file in Data/SKSE/plugins folder. Requires SKSE)
  • Skryim Redesigned -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "HD Misc", overwrite)
  • Subliminal Traps (NOTE: I recommend to also use the "Tripwire" optional addon)
  • Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod (NOTE: This mod, despite its awesomeness, is rather overpowered and some users can't deal with it; if you are one of them use these instead: Lost Art of the Blacksmith "Bethesda Safe" version, More Craftables and Vals Crafting Meltdown)

Mods made ALTERNATE instead of recommended:

  • Lost Art of the Blacksmith "Bethesda Safe" version, More Craftables and Vals Crafting Meltdown are now all alternate of Tytanis since it includes them: use them or use Tytanis.


  • Cowardly Horses (Now included in PISE)