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This guide is not current! It may contain information that is incorrect or not in line with the current state of the game!
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  • Added the BOSS guide in step-4E to easily sort esms/esps in Data.
  • Added "DETAILED INSTALLATION" suffix to mods requiring particular procedure for my recommendations.
  • Added "CORE" prefix to must-have mods, in order to reduce the hassle for users who don't want to install everything.
  • Other small guide enhancements.
  • Updated comparison screenshots.


  • High Resolution Armors (NOTE: Very big mod! Install both parts)
  • High Resolution Books (NOTE: Install both parts)
  • HQ Towns and Villages
  • Re-Defined Dungeons (NOTE: Also install "Hall Murals" addon)
  • Not Really HD Rings (NOTE: Install AFTER "High Resolution Armors", overwrite)
  • Not Really HD Banners (NOTE: Install AFTER "HQ College of Winterhold" and "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP", overwrite)
  • Enhanced Distant Trees (NOTE: Install AFTER "Vurts Skyrim Flora Overhaul", overwrite)
  • Alchemy and Enchanting Benches Retex
  • Better Rain
  • Deadly Spell Impacts
  • HD Linens
  • High -Res- Hrothgar
  • Hi-Res Pelts
  • HQ Skyrim Map
  • Improved Lantern
  • Lush Grass
  • Not Really HD Claws
  • Not Really HD Keys (NOTE: I recommend to pick the "Normal Maps" version)
  • Not Really HD Leather Strips
  • Not Really HD Mask of Clavicus Vile (NOTE: I recommend to pick the "Wrecked" version)
  • Not Really HD Stone of Barenziah

Mods added as NON-Recommended*

  • Better Sorting (NOTE: Unfortunately, this is not compatible with "Vals Crafting Meltdown" mod. I'll include this eventually, if a compatibility addon will be available)
  • Monster Retex Packs (NOTE: I personally don't like most of the changes expecially the over-saturated colors. This is just my personal taste (on which this guide is mainly based), if you like the mod, use it!)


  • Realistic Magical Impacts (Replaced by "Deadly Spell Impacts")
  • Tree LODs With Shadows (Replaced by "Enhanced Distant Trees")

New/Updated mod NOTES (only the main changes, minor notes are too many to be listed):

  • Skyrim HD - 2K Textures -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: I strongly recommend use "Alternate Mountains" addon, looks much better even if older. Overwrite when prompted)
  • A Higher Quality of Shields -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "High Resolution Armors", overwrite)
  • Beauty Faces by necKros (NOTE: Install AFTER "XCE", overwrite. If you like really beautiful -but not very lore friendly- women faces, use Better Females by Bella instead)
  • Better Landscape Textures -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • Realistic Water Textures -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: I recommend to also use "Ocean and River Textures" and "Reduced Object Splashing" addons. NOTE2: Install AFTER "Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • Spamheinzs HD Houses -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: I recommend to use the older v1.1 version, not the new 1.5 or 1.6. NOTE2: Install AFTER "HQ Towns and Villages", overwrite)
  • Vurts Flora Overhaul -DETAILED INSTALLATION- (NOTE: Install AFTER "Skyrim HD" and "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP", overwrite)