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  • Updated iCCC-ENB to v1.58c.
  • Added note in step-6N on how to allow Nvidia and ATI Software to detect 4GB Launcher.
  • Updated Nvidia Inspector Guide: new SSAO Mode and 4GB Launcher exe fix.
  • Other small guide enhancements.
  • Updated comparison screenshots.


  • Vurts Flora Overhaul (NOTE: Install AFTER "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP", overwrite. From the main file install all, but DON'T install "Pine Branches", choose "Bark 1". From the updates install also "Shrubs" and "Pines Update" (use only "Bark 1", not "Pine Branches"), but don't install "Groundcover" addon. After the installation DELETE the 6 "branch" files from Data/textures/landscape/trees. *Those are only recommendations, if you like all, install all*)
  • Deadly Serious Shrouded Armor
  • HD Sacks Retexture
  • Improved NPC Clothing
  • Smooth Dragon Runes

Mod added as NON-Recommended*

  • Serious HD Retexture Landscape (NOTE: I think it still doesn't bring an improvement over the vanilla terrain. Yes, the detailed textures in the preview screenshots are gorgeous, but this is far different when watching them on med-far view distance ingame)

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement (NOTE: I recommend to also use the "Darker Eyes" addon)
  • HD Furniture and Barrels (NOTE: Install AFTER "Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP", overwrite. I recommend to use the "Cross and Bark" version)
  • Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons (NOTE: This mod is actually unavailable, let me know when it gets re-uploaded. NOTE2: I recommend "Ceramic" version)
  • Spamheinzs HD Farmhouse (NOTE: After the installation, DELETE the 4 "thatch" files from Data/textures/architectures/farmhouse *they're worse than vanilla*)