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  • Quick update for iCCC-ENB to v1.57, ENB Patch 8 came out just now.
  • Updated Nvidia settings: Negative LOD Bias: Allow, -0.250.
  • Added the Full Changelog txt in the download section.


  • Bright Eyes (Eyes feel unnatural. If you installed it in previous patch, just reinstall Data/textures/actors/character/eyes folder from "XCE" mod again, and overwrite)

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • Chris2012s Whiterun HQTP (NOTE: Install AFTER "Skyrim HD", overwrite. After installed, go in Data/textures/architecture/whiterun and DELETE "" and "")
  • HiRes Glass Armor and Weapons Retex (NOTE: Install AFTER "A Higher Quality of Shields", overwrite. After installed, go in Data/textures/armor/glass/shield and DELETE "" and "")