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  • Updated iCCC-ENB to v1.56.
  • Updated note in step-6A, about the correct exe to launch the game.
  • Added borderless window suggestion in step-6I.
  • Added FPS limiter suggestion in step-6L
  • Added laptop's Nvidia "Optimus" tweak for iCCC suggestion in step-6M


  • HiRes Glass Armor and Weapons Retex (NOTE: I recommend "Improved Green" version, ...if you don't hate green)
  • Blood Dragon Fix (NOTE: Install AFTER "Improved Dragon Texture", overwrite. Put in Data/textures/actors/dragon)
  • Ebony Armor Redone
  • Eyebrows Match Hair
  • Fox Textures
  • HQ College of Winterhold
  • Intricate Spider Webs
  • Monster Retex Packs
  • More Craftables
  • Spamheinzs HD Farmhouse

Mods REMOVED (moved in "non-recommended" mods):

  • Riften HQ Textures (NOTE: Differs too much from the original -rusty- Riften textures, seems like someone cleans up the wood every hour)
  • Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod (NOTE: After extensive testing I realised this mod is a bit cheaty, makes crafting really too easy, but since things may change, I'll probably consider this in future)

New/Updated mod NOTES:

  • Iron Ore Vein Retex (NOTE: If you like spotting ore veins being damn easy (cheat-like), use this instead: Glowing Ore Veins 300)
  • Lost Art of the Blacksmith (NOTE: Added back as recommended, if your Skyrim is updated to v1.2, use the "Bethesda Safe" version!)
  • SKSE - Skyrim Script Extender (NOTE: Put the files in the Skyrim directory. For Skyrim v1.2 only!)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The 4GB Launcher DOES launch SKSE if the file is there, so just start the game through the 4GB Launcher, or through SBW.exe (Simple Borderless Window) if using it.
  • Vals Crafting Meltdown (NOTE: Added back as recommended)