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  • Added new INI tweaks in step-5A.
  • Updated step-6E (Defrag hint).


  • SKSE - Skyrim Script Extender (NOTE: Put the files in the Skyrim directory, this plugin is NEEDED by other mods to work)
  • 3rd Person Channeled Dual Casting Animation Fix (NOTE: Put "meshes" folder in Data)
  • 3rd Person Dual Wield Animation Fix (NOTE: Put "meshes" folder in Data)
  • AEterna Circlets Improvement
  • Container Categorization (NOTE: Requires "SKSE")
  • Cowardly Horses (NOTE: Use "Cowardly horses.esp" OR "Cowardly essential horses.esp", not both)
  • Immersive Skyrim Thunder
  • Mage and Monk Outfits Texture Replacer
  • Razor Scales Armor and Cannibal Lord
  • XCE - Xenius Character Enhancement
  • Yosolda Genuine Hi-Res Outfit


  • Detailed Bodies (Now included in "XCE")
  • Detailed Faces (Now included in "XCE")
  • Detailed Lips (Now included in "XCE")
  • High Quality Eyes (Now included in "XCE")
  • No More Blocky Faces (Now included in "XCE")

Updated mod NOTES:

  • Colored Map Markers OR Skyrim Compass Tuner (NOTE: Use only one, they're not compatible. NOTE about "Colored Map Markers": Put in Data/Interface folder)