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  • Updated iCCC to v1.55, more performant and less blue-ish.
  • Added "Nexus Mod Manager" Guide in step-4.
  • Updated the ATI card tweaks in step-3B.
  • Other small guide enhancements.
  • Updated comparison screenshots.


  • Beauty Faces by necKros (NOTE: Install AFTER "XCE", overwrite)
  • Chopper HD
  • Higher Poly Skyrim
  • Hybrids Hires Plants and Herbs Retexture
  • Improved Candles (NOTE: I recommend "Natural Beige" version)
  • Nightingale Prime (NOTE: Use "Male and Female" version)
  • Shield of Ysgramor
  • Skyrim Compass Tuner (NOTE: This is useful for immersion lovers, like me)
  • Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod (NOTE: Use this one, or Lost Art of the Blacksmith with Vals Crafting Meltdown instead, althrough I still recommend to use Tytanis mod)


  • Moonstone Elven Armour and Weapons (Too shiny and not very lore friendly, as many users suggested)
  • Pick-able Plant Enhancement (Now we're using "Hybrids Hires Plants and Herbs Retexture")