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  • Updated iCCC to v1.54, updating merged ENB fixes to Patch 6 (v0093).
  • Updated step-1 of the guide, split in 2 sections (iCCC and Skyrim Enhanced Shaders) both equally weighted alternatives.
  • Updated the NVIDIA Inspector guide (step-3) and the JPGE image, with some important info (no new settings added).
  • Added new comparison screenshots (only downloadable) between iCCC and Skyrim Enhanced Shaders for STEP.
  • Sorted alphabetically all the mods in step-4 of the guide.
  • Few minor, non-essential guide improvements.


  • Pick-able Plant Enhancement (NOTE: Install AFTER "High Quality Food and Ingredients", overwrite. Put in Data/textures)
  • Moon Size Tweek (NOTE: I recommend size x0.5)
  • Silly Level of Detail - Potions and Poisons (NOTE: I recommend "Ceramic" version)