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  • Updated Nvidia Inspector settings.
  • Enabled LOD Bias -0.375 (Improves texture/LOD quality).
  • Switched SSAO mode to "Performance" (Much more performant with minor quality loss).
  • Added Nvidia Inspector detailed description for each setting.
  • Added detailed installation order for texture mods requiring overwriting each other (step-4A).
  • Added "Disable Intro" INI tweak.
  • Updated screenshots.
  • Updated recommended mods list:


  • Snow and Rocks HD (NOTE: Use only Rocks, install AFTER "Skyrim HD", overwrite)
  • Alternative Road Textures (NOTE: Place the files in "Data/textures/landscape/roads")
  • ReAL Sun - insane0h Realistic Sunglare (NOTE: If you don't like this (how could you?), check the more popular Skyrim Sunglare)


  • Skyrim NO Intro Movie (Not needed anymore, there is an INI tweak (step-6L) to disable the intro)

Updated mod NOTES:

  • Skyrim HD - 2K Textures (Updated to v1.1beta, you don't need to remove any folder from it anymore, bugs have been fixed!)
  • Beautiful Skyrim - HD Clutter and Furniture (Install AFTER "Skyrim HD" and "Skeleton Better Textures", overwrite)
  • Skyrim Sunglare (This isn't the preferred recommended sunglare mod anymore, check ReAL Sun - insane0h Realistic Sunglare instead)
  • Realistic Water Textures (NOTE: I recommend to also use "Reduced Object Splashing" and "Foam with Bubbles" addons)