SkyrimLE:Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized

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Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimized

by Vano89




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Hybrid + Vanilla normals


CR Patch:


LW Patch:


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Note that the following options are written in terms of the Wrye Bash Wizard and FOMOD options. If installing manually (not recommended), make sure to adjust accordingly.

Select the option that best suits your VRAM limitations...

  • Less than 1GB
    Full 1024: Select "Core files" (selected by default), "Vanilla Secondary stuff", and all four "Vanilla" optionals. Also install the "Compatible Version" optional. Disable the three "HighResTexturePack" ESPs in launcher or mod manager.
  • Between 1GB and 1.25GB - Baseline
    Hybrid (1024 + 2048) + Vanilla NormalMaps: Select "Core files" (selected by default), "Hi-Res Secondary stuff", and "Hybrid + Vanilla NM files". Also install the "Compatible Version" optional.
  • Between 1.25GB and 1.5GB
    Hybrid (1024 + 2048): Select "Core files" (selected by default) and "Hi-Res Secondary stuff". Also install the "Compatible Version" optional.
  • Greater than 1.5GB
    Do not download this mod, just use the full HRDLC.