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== <span style="color:#78c888">Step 8: Overhauls</span> ==
== <span style="color:#78c888">Step 8: Overhauls</span> ==
==== [https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrim-realistic-overhaul? Skyrim Realistic Overhaul] ====
==== [https://www.moddb.com/mods/skyrim-realistic-overhaul? Skyrim Realistic Overhaul] ====
* Author:
* Author:
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{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''D.E.R.P.''
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''D.E.R.P.''
  {{Fc|White|About:}} A retex of all the plants, food, ingredients and clutter.
  {{Fc|White|About:}} A retex of all the plants, food, ingredients and clutter.
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9776/? CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn] ====
* Author: ClearanceClarence
* Version: 4
* {{User:DrPharmDawg/Tag|Opt}}
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn - 2K - 4.0''
{{Fc|White|About:}} This is a retexture of fort dawnguard in new colors and new HD textures
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7075/? Glorious Dwarven Metal] ====
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/7075/? Glorious Dwarven Metal] ====
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  {{Fc|White|About:}} Overhaul of all Dwemer metal.
  {{Fc|White|About:}} Overhaul of all Dwemer metal.
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/9776/? CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn] ====
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22652/? Dwemer Ruins HD] ====
* Author: ClearanceClarence
* Author: luxor8071
* Version: 4
* Version: 1
* {{User:DrPharmDawg/Tag|Opt}}  
* {{User:DrPharmDawg/Tag|Opt}}  
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn - 2K - 4.0''
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''Dwemer Ruins HD''
  {{Fc|White|About:}} This is a retexture of fort dawnguard in new colors and new HD textures
  {{Fc|White|About:}} High Quality Textures for the Dwemer Ruins Architecture. Requires Ancient Dwemer Metal by SRW0 or Dwemer Metal Retexture by langley.
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19860/? High Hrothgar HD] ====
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19860/? High Hrothgar HD] ====
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{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''CC's HQ Luxury Suite Textures - 2K - 0.1''
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''CC's HQ Luxury Suite Textures - 2K - 0.1''
  {{Fc|White|About:}} A retexture of the Luxury Suite. Brand new textures for all surfaces except furniture and clutter
  {{Fc|White|About:}} A retexture of the Luxury Suite. Brand new textures for all surfaces except furniture and clutter
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/22652/? Dwemer Ruins HD] ====
* Author: luxor8071
* Version: 1
* {{User:DrPharmDawg/Tag|Opt}}
{{Fc|White|MAIN FILE:}} ''Dwemer Ruins HD''
{{Fc|White|About:}} High Quality Textures for the Dwemer Ruins Architecture. Requires Ancient Dwemer Metal by SRW0 or Dwemer Metal Retexture by langley.
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19427/? Markarth HD] ====
==== [https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19427/? Markarth HD] ====

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SkyRem Guide for Special Edition
Created and maintained by DrPharmDawg
Last Update: 0:27:32 22 June 2021 (GMT)


Discord: Discord Channel for all things SkyRem (Guide and Mods) Here


This guide is designed for roleplay. This is not a difficulty or beautification focused mod guide by design, but will incorporate some of both. Instead, SkyRem is intended to introduce new ways of playing Skyrim.

The SkyRem Mod Guide Priorities:

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Mechanics
  • Content
  • Beautification

System Info[edit]

Component Spec
Motherboard ASUS® G751JY
CPU Intel® Core i7 4710HQ @2.50GHz
GPU Nvidia® GeForce GTX 980M 4GB GDDR5
System RAM 24 GBs
Operating System Windows 10 64-bit
Monitor Resolution 1920x1080

Guide Info[edit]

Following each Mod, Author, and Version, will be a Tag (or multiple Tags).
Dark colored Tags with White lettering indicate download and/or installation needs (required, optional, and/or BSA extraction).
Light colored Tags with Black lettering indicate post-installation needs (optimizing meshes, ESLifying, merging, and/or porting).

  • TOOL
     : Tool utilized during the modding process. Not actually a Mod. Required for proper guide installation.
  • CORE
     : Mods that are Core to the concept of the guide, and/or required for use of patches provided for guide.
  • : Mods that are Optional. Recommended, but the guide will still work without them (including the patches).
  • BSA
     : During installation, select YES to extracting the BSA.
  • : Run the Asset Optimizer to properly convert the meshes for use with SSE.
  • ESL
     : Plugin (ESP) can safely be tagged as an ESL using SSEEdit.
  • : Plugin will be included in Merging via zEdit.
  • PORT
     : Mod needs to be completely converted from LE to SSE.

How To...[edit]

  • How To Extract BSAs
  • How To Convert Mods
  • How To Clean Mods
  • How To Merge Mods
  • How To Optimize NIFs

Step 1: Preparation[edit]


Step 2: SKSE & Plugins[edit]

Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)[edit]

  • Author: SKSE Team (ianpatt, behippo, scruggsywuggsy the ferret, and purple lunchbox)
  • Version: 2.0.15
  • CORE

MAIM FILE: Current SE build 2.0.15 (runtime 1.5.73)

About: Extends scripting functionality of Skyrim - Necessary for many mods (and this guide).
Installation: Manually download, extract, and move the following files to your Skyrim directory.

- skse64_1_5_73.dll
- skse64_loader.exe
- skse64_steam_loader.dll

Next, archive the Data directory and manually install via MO. Name the mod SKSE Scripts.

Better Jumping SE[edit]

  • Author: meh321 and z65536
  • Version: 1.6.6

MAIN FILE: Better Jumping SE

About: Allows to jump while sprinting. Also you can configure jump height multiplier, how many times you can jump (double jump like in action games) . No ESP!

Dynamic Equipment Manager SSE[edit]

  • Author: Ryan
  • Version: 3.0.0

MAIN FILE: DynamicEquipmentManagerSSE

About: Automatically equips/unequips various gear when applicable.

Enchantment Reload Fix SE[edit]

  • Author: egocarib
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Enchantment Reload Fix SE

About: Fixes the bug that causes weapon enchantments to drain more charges, and increase drastically in price, after the game is reloaded.

Equipment Durability System[edit]

  • Author: Felisky
  • Version: 1.0.4

MAIN FILE: Equipment Durability System 1.0.4 for Skyrim 1573

About: Weapons and armor that actors are equipped will be degraded when attacking or getting hit. Weapons and armor (in NPC's inventory, in containers, dropped) are randomly tempered. Adds widgets that display weapons, armor and shouts that the player is currently equipped. No ESP file.


  • Author: zax
  • Version: 0.8.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Experience

About: Gain levels by completing quests and exploring. Skills don't contribute to character's level anymore!

PrivateProfileRedirector SE - Faster Game Start (Ini File Cacher)[edit]

  • Author: Kerber
  • Version: 0.3.4

MAIN FILE: PrivateProfileRedirector SE 0.3.4

About: Speeds up game start by storing INI files in memory instead of opening, parsing and closing the file each time some value from it is needed.

FileAccess Interface For Skyrem SE Scripts - FISSES[edit]

  • Author: TerenceYao
  • Version: 1.3.6
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: FileAccess Interface for Skyrim SE Scripts - FISSES

About: Easy to use interface for modders to save&reload in-game variables (e.g. MCM settings) to/from file.====

Fuz Ro D-Oh - Silent Voice[edit]

  • Author: shadeMe
  • Version: 1.5
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Fuz Ro D'oh

About: A SKSE64 plugin that adds support for unvoiced in-game dialog.

(SKSE64) Havok Fix[edit]

  • Author: rezy
  • Version: 2.7

MAIN FILE: HavokFix64

About: Easy and performance-friendly way to play Skyrim above 60 FPS.

Inventory Functions SE[edit]

  • Author: Quad2Core
  • Version: 0.06.00
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Inventory Functions SE

About: Inventory Functions plugin for SKSE to allow filtering of inventory by Keyword.Originally by Quad2Core, now updated for SKSE-64 (including functions supporting Poisoning, and for getting filtered lists of spells/shouts an actor has)

Jcontainers SE[edit]

  • Author: silvericed
  • Version: 4.1.8
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: JContainers SE

About: Extends Skyrim SE Papyrus scripts (or SKSE/C++ plugins) with JSON based serializable data structures like arrays and maps. Embedded Lua interpreter.

More Informative Console[edit]

  • Author: Linthar
  • Version: 0.32

MAIN FILE: More Informative Console for SKSE 2.15

About: This mod edits the UI to show a great deal of additional information on npcs, items, and other objects when the console is opened, similar to the way MFG console worked for Oldrim

No Lockpick Activate (SKSE)[edit]

  • Author: lStewieAl
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: No Lockpick Activate (SKSE)

About: Stops the inventory menu automatically showing after unlocking a container (for use with Loot Menu), also stops doors opening when picked.

PapyrusUtil SE - Modders Scripting Utility Functions[edit]

  • Author: exiledviper meh321
  • Version: 3.7
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: PapyrusUtil SE - Scripting Utility Functions

About: An SKSE plugin adding several new scripts with native functions that provide various conveniences related to data storage and other misc functions to the scripter/modder.

Powerofthree's Papyrus Extender For SSE[edit]

  • Author: powerofthree
  • Version: 1.4.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Papyrus Extender - SSE 1.5.53_1.5.62 - v1.4.1

About: An SKSE64 plugin with some custom Papyrus functions. Currently required by: Frozen Electrocuted Combustion + Strange Runes + Dragon Age Spells Redux.

Remember Lockpick Angle[edit]

  • Author: OnlyIWeDo
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Remember Lockpick Angle

About: After breaking a lock-pick, the new lock-pick is placed at the same angle where the last one broke.													

Scaleform Translation Plus Plus[edit]

  • Author: Ryan
  • Version: 1.1.8

MAIN FILE: ScaleformTranslationPP

About: This plugin enables native translation nesting present within SkyUI, as well as English fallbacks.

Skyrim Skill Uncapper[edit]

  • Author: Kassent
  • Version: v1.1.0
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Skyrim Skill Uncapper

About: This DLL plugin unlocks the skill level caps of 100 and makes some relevant leveling tweaks.You can treat it as Skyrim-Community-Uncapper SSE version. 

Features:Redefine skill level caps;Redefine skill formula caps;Redefine skill exp gain mults;Redefine PC level exp gain mults...etc.

SSE Engine Fixes (skse64 plugin)[edit]

  • Author: aers - Nukem - Ryan
  • Version: 4.4
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: (Part 1) Engine Fixes 4.4 for SSE 1.5.73 - skse64 plugin
MAIN FILE: (Part 2) Engine Fixes - skse64 Preloader and TBB Lib

About: skse64 plugin to fix various issues with the Skyrim Special Edition engine.
Installation: Install Part 1 as any other mod. Extract Part 2 to your Skyrim folder.

Stay At The System Page - Updated[edit]

  • Author: Ryan - iammitochondrion
  • Version: 1.2.2

MAIN FILE: StayAtSystemPageSE

About: This mod brings back the behavior of original Skyrim's Journal Menu. Whenever you press the Escape key, mod will open the System page instead of Quest page.

Whose Quest Is It Anyway[edit]

  • Author: Ryan
  • Version: 1.0.2

MAIN FILE: WhoseQuestIsItAnyway

About: Swaps the ""Quest items cannot be removed..."" message for a more descriptive message informing you which quest the item belongs to.

Yes Im Sure[edit]

  • Author: Ryan
  • Version: 1.1.0


About: This mod disables annoying message prompts asking you if you're sure you'd like to craft/improve/exit menus.

Step 3: Base Game[edit]

Cleaned Masters[edit]

Installation: This is a place holder for the Cleaned Masters completed in Step 1: Preparation.

Performance Optimized Textures For SSE[edit]

  • Author: mlbrad aka rogue
  • Version: v6

MAIN FILE: performance textures 1024x1024 v6

About: bethesdas textures optimized for performance without quality loss, credit also goes to bethesda for the game and to the developers of ordenator & DDSopt without which this would not have been possible, textures for low end pcs now available

Skyrim Project Optimization SE[edit]

  • Author: rgabriel15
  • Version: 1.3

MAIN FILE: Skyrim SE - Project Optimization - ESM VERSION 1.3

About: This is a mod aimed at improving performance in almost all interiors of Skyrim while staying as a clean mod by using Occlusion Culling.

Unofficial High Definition Audio Project[edit]

  • Author: sharrken
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Voices EN - Part 1
MAIN FILE: Voices EN - Part 2

About: A high-definition restoration of Skyrim's orignal voices and music, drawing from the much higher quality PS4 audio as a source.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch[edit]

  • Author: Unofficial Patch Project Team
  • Version: 4.1.7
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

About: A comprehensive bugfixing mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Special Edition. The goal of the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch (aka USSEP) is to eventually fix every bug with Skyrim Special Edition not officially resolved by the developers to the limits of the Creation Kit and community-developed tools, in one easy-to-install package.

Alternate Start - Live Another Life[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 4.0.9
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Alternate Start - Live Another Life

About: Live Another Life provides an alternative means to start the game for those who do not wish to go through the lengthy intro sequence at Helgen.

Cutting Room Floor[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 3.1.3
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Cutting Room Floor

About: A mod to restore several pieces of cut content in Skyrim Special Edition.

Step 3: Fixes[edit]

Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 2.0.5
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Ars Metallica - Smithing Enhancement

About: A smithing mod tailored to my desires in the game. Adds the ability to forge arrows, gain skill for smelting and mining, melt down unwanted armor and weapons, and more.

Bard Instrumentals Mostly - Sing Rarely[edit]

  • Author: BanjoBunny
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Bard Instrumentals Mostly - Sing Rarely

About: Bards break into their pathetic selection of 3 songs less often.

Better Skill and Quest Books Names SE[edit]

  • Author: Kevkas
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Better Skill and Quest Books Names SE v1-0

About: No more opening every book or checking its value to see if it increases a skill or gives you a quest. This mod renames skill books and quest books so that you can identify them quickly by just hovering with your crosshair. It also renames some journals, notes, and letters with the same purpose.

Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul (Formerly Complete Fast Travel Overhaul)[edit]

  • Author: Kinaga
  • Version: 2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul
OPTIONAL FILE: Disable Map-based Fast Travel

About: A lightweight overhaul of both the vanilla Skyrim carriage system and Dawnguard's ferry system. Realistic and bug-free.

The Choice is Yours[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 2

MAIN FILE: The Choice is Yours

About: Stop quests from starting automatically. Pursue the quests you want, ignore the ones you don't. Make your choices matter.

Dynamic Firewood Stacks[edit]

  • Author: PatchesTheClown
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Dynamic Firewood Stacks
OPTIONAL FILE: Dynamic Firewood - JKs Skyrim Patch

About: Changes all the static firewood stacks to containers that disappear when emptied
Installation: Install Optional File as a separate mod and name it Dynamic Firewood Stacks - Patches

TDF Equipment Restriction[edit]

  • Author: BrotherBob
  • Version: 2.6.8

MAIN FILE: TDF Equipment Restriction v2_6_8 SE
OPTIONAL FILE: TDF - Immersive Armors patch

About: ""This mod seeks to mirror the level/skill restrictions found in some RPGs and MMOs regarding usable equipment. Weapons, armor and magic will now have skill requirements to be usable."

Faction Skill Requirements (update)[edit]

  • Author: DutchWendigo
  • Version: 1.3.4

MAIN FILE: Wendigo's Faction Skill Requirements
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Better Quest Objectives
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Brotherhood of Old
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Cutting Room Floor
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Not So Fast - Mage Guild
OPTIONAL FILE: Patch for Quest Conflict Fixes

About: An updated version of DutchWendigo's Faction Skill Requirements mod. Until he finishes his overhaul, he has given me permission to upload this small update. I modified the scripts so that the quests update reliably when a skill requirement is met.
Installation: Install all Optional Files as a separate mod named Faction Skill Requirements - Patches.

Follower Commentary Overhaul SE - FCO SE[edit]

  • Author: PhenomFaz
  • Version: 1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Follower Commentary Overhaul SE - FCO SE v1.0

About: A mod which injects new life into the vanilla followers of Skyrim by greatly expanding their repertoire of idle, conditional commentary using only vanilla resources.

Gildergreen Regrown[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 2.0.1

MAIN FILE: Gildergreen Regrown

About: A mod to make the Gildergreen in Whiterun grow from the sapling back into a full tree over time. Takes approximately 6 months in-game time to grow from a sapling into a full adult.

GIST - Genuinely Intelligent Soul Trap SE[edit]

  • Author: opusGlass
  • Version: 1.3

OPTIONAL FILE: GIST - Rustic Soul Gems patch

About: A new and improved solution to the underfilled soul gem problem.
Installation: Install the Optional file as a separate mod and name it GIST - Patches.

Guard Dialogue Overhaul Redux[edit]

  • Author: Eckss
  • Version: 1.7
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Guard Dialogue Overhaul - Kels Choice

About: More Dialogue, More Realism, More Respect. This Mod alters the Guard Dialogue, changing it from something that breaks your immersion in the world of Skyrim to something that actually increases it. All in the original voices and Fully compliant with Skyrim Lore.

Improved closefaced helmets[edit]

  • Author: navida1
  • Version: 1.58
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Improved Closefaced Helmets (SSE)

About: Opens eye sockets on vanilla closefaced helmets. All races are supported with their own unique helmet model for a complete immersive experience. Full compatibility with texture replacers.

Lock Overhaul[edit]

  • Author: Quad2Core
  • Version: 1.6

MAIN FILE: Lock Overhaul

About: Overhauls the lock system, adding new features: Lock requirement, smash locks, unlock spell and auto pick locks. With a fully customizable MCM menu.

Nether's Follower Framework[edit]

  • Author: Netherworks
  • Version: 2.3.0

MAIN FILE: Nether's Follower Framework SSE (FOMOD Installer)

About: Nether's Follower Framework is a multi-follower system that is light on game resources and allows for up to 10 companions at one time. It provides a wealth of additional features, including immersion and quality-of-life functions to allow you to adventure with a small team of characters.

Not So Fast - Main Quest[edit]

  • Author: CDCooley
  • Version: 1.4

MAIN FILE: NotSoFast-MainQuestV14

About: Introduces pauses in the otherwise hectic pace of the main quest and alters a few other plot points along the way. The actual time delays and whether the Season Unending negotiations are skipped can be configured with MCM or the console.

Not So Fast - Mage Guild[edit]

  • Author: CDCooley
  • Version: 1.3

MAIN FILE: NotSoFast-MageGuildV13

About: Introduces two pauses in the rather short mage guild quest line at the College of Winterhold and allows for customizing the start of the three apprentices' quests. The actual time delays can be configured with the SkyUI MCM (or the console).

Point The Way[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 2.0.4

MAIN FILE: Point The Way

About: A mod to provide more road signs at various road intersections so you don't need to refer to your map so often.

Quest Conflict Fixes[edit]

  • Author: SkyLover264
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Quest Conflict Fixes

About: Cleans up some issues that could cause quests to become unavailable.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE[edit]

  • Author: cloudedtruth
  • Version: Final
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO Final

About: Adds over 5,000 lines of completely voiced dialogue for NPCs using the original voices. Friends, followers, spouses, rivals, and others have much more to say. All default voices now have follower dialogue. Also fixes dialogue bugs and restores cut dialogue that has never been heard before!

Sound Hammering Sounds[edit]

  • Author: sialivi
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Sound Hammering Sounds

About: NPCs performing house repairs or maintenance on the mast of a ship will no longer make the sound of hammering on metal. Instead it will make an appropriate wooden sound.

Trade and Barter[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 2

MAIN FILE: Trade and Barter SE

About: Provides many new variables to adjust the trade and barter rates in Skyrim, including merchant gold, trading perks, inventory respawn rates, and more.

Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 1.0.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Weapons Armor Clothing and Clutter Fixes

About: Fixes bugs and inconsistencies for Skyrim's weapons, armors, clothing, jewelry, and clutter items.

Armor and Clothing Extension[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr and Gamwich
  • Version: 1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Armor and Clothing Extension

About: Adds more diversity and lore-friendly clothing options and gives NPCs more appropriate attire.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 1.7
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Complete Crafting Overhaul

About: The primary intention of this mod is to correct logical inconsistencies in the vanilla smithing system and to enhance the functionality and balance of crafting in Skyrim.

Complete Crafting Overhaul Remade SSE Update[edit]

  • Author: mnikjom
  • Version: 1.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: CCOR - SSE Updated 1.1


T'Skyrim - True Skyrim[edit]

  • Author: mnikjom
  • Version: 2.4.3

MAIN FILE: True Skyrim for YASH

About: My personal combo of setting and mods that are changing gameplay to be more enjoyable and realistic.

Address Unknown[edit]

  • Author: Sagittarius22
  • Version: 1
  • PORT

MAIN FILE: Address_Unknown

About: By the same guy who made People Are Strangers…

Ask Innkeepers To Show Room SE[edit]

  • Author: cloudedtruth
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Ask Innkeepers To Show Room SE - v1.0

About: Instead of always showing you to your rented room, you can ask innkeepers to show you or tell them you know where it is.

Atlas Map Markers SE - Updated with MCM[edit]

  • Author: Kronixx and kryptopyr
  • Version: 2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Atlas Map Markers

About: This is an update to Kronixx's classic mod, Atlas Map Markers. It adds MCM options with full control over the new markers, as well as all of the vanilla map markers.

Buy Lumber In Larger Stacks[edit]

  • Author: Nund
  • Version: 1.21

MAIN FILE: Buy Lumber in Larger Stacks

About: Adds a dialogue option to buy lumber in three different stack sizes (20, 100 or 250 per default) of Sawn Logs at a time when talking to sawmill operators or personal stewards.

Configurable Real Names for SSE[edit]

  • Author: Jaxonz - Nellshini - Gportner
  • Version: 1.22

MAIN FILE: Real Names - SSE Edition

About: Automatically assigns a lore-friendly name to anonymous NPCs

Crafting Requires Tools Redone[edit]

  • Author: Sagittarius22
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Crafting Requires Tools 1.1

About: Crafting now requires appropriate tools. Best used in conjunction with Survival mods.

Go On Ahead[edit]

  • Author: NorthHare
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Go On Ahead

About: Sometimes followers get under your feet, but you don't just want to leave them waiting in the middle of nowhere or send them back home. Go On Ahead lets you send your follower(s) to the cities and major towns of Skyrim where they can wait for you in the local tavern and relax until you pick them up.

Grind stuff[edit]

  • Author: Axhoff
  • Version: 1.0a

MAIN FILE: Grind Stuff SE Edition v1.0a

About: Use the grain mill to grind various items into dust.

HearthFires Display Case Fix SE[edit]

  • Author: RealPuPpEt
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: HearthFires Display Case Fix SE

About: Adds activators to all display cases in the HearthFires homes.

Hired Thugs Fixed SSE[edit]

  • Author: Rjinthematrix
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Hired Thugs Fixed SSE

About: sets it so hired thugs are sent after you for a stolen item ONLY IF YOU ARE CAUGHT STEALING


  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Incognito

About: A simple mod to remove all crime bounties when you change your face using the NPC in the Ragged Flagon.

Magic Resistance Rescaled[edit]

  • Author: SkyrimerTESV
  • Version: 1.1.0

MAIN FILE: Magic Resistance Rescaled ESP

About: Improves Skyrim's magic resistance system by adjusting the player's magic and elemental resistance, so that each point of resistance is equally useful.

College of Winterhold The Missing Apprentices Quest Fix[edit]

  • Author: Sirandar
  • Version: 1.4

MAIN FILE: Winterhold College Missing Apprentices CRF Quest Fix 1.4

About: ""The Missing Apprentices"" quest just makes no sense even after Cutting Room Floor restored some content. This fix makes the quest much more interesting and coherent.

No More Crunchy Death Sounds SSE[edit]

  • Author: Rjinthematrix
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: No Crunch Death Sounds SSE

About: removes the death sounds from npc's, especially the CRUNCH that usually follows a deathblow

Numerical Smithing Upgrades SE[edit]

  • Author: LazyDreamer
  • Version: SE

MAIN FILE: Numerical Smithing Upgrades

About: Changes the naming system of tempered equipment to a numerical system. (Fine), (Superior), (Exquisite), etc., becomes (+1), (+2), (+3), and so on. Port of the original mod by LazyDreamer.

Old Orc Follower SE[edit]

  • Author: AndrealphusVIII
  • Version: 0.1

MAIN FILE: Old Orc Follower SE

About: Adds a dialogue option to the Old Orc to recruit him as a follower.

People are Strangers[edit]

  • Author: Sagittarius22
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: People Are Strangers
OPTIONAL FILE: Race option

About: You will not magically know people's name until they talk to you, or you talk to them.

Pick up books simple - With weightless books option[edit]

  • Author: Alaebasta
  • Version: 1.8

MAIN FILE: PickUpBooksSimple .esp

About: Pick up books without reading first, always pick up books option, weightless books option, iActivate patch option, No latency script (essential script approach), no touching references. MCM menu.

Poisoning Extended SE[edit]

  • Author: Kalivore
  • Version: 1.00.00

MAIN FILE: Poisoning Extended SE

About: Handy extension to the poisoning system - see what poison you have applied, and top-up or remove poisons on your weapon

Protect your People - PyP - Better NPC Protection SE[edit]

  • Author: iMACobra
  • Version: 1.3

MAIN FILE: PyP SE - Main File and CRF Merged

About: Mod aimed to Protect NPCs from unwanted death through Reference Aliases instead of editing Actor records ensuring maximum compatibility with mods that edit the same NPCs, such as appearance overhaul mods.

Random Encounter Tweaks[edit]

  • Author: AndrealphusVIII
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Random Encounter Tweaks

About: Some small tweaks to the random encounters.

Random Mining[edit]

  • Author: IsharaMeradin
  • Version: 1.7

MAIN FILE: Random Mining MCM SSE

About: Random Mining: 3 to 9 ore per vein. Lazy Man: Ore all at once. Hard Worker: Skill determines quantity and duration

Reality Alchemy - Potion needs his flask - Drink it[edit]

  • Author: Alaebasta
  • Version: 1.4

MAIN FILE: MixingRequireContainer SKSE FREE

About: Creating potions and poison requires empty flasks. Also consuming a potion will activate ""drinking"" animation. Flask recycle system included.

Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO SE MCM Patch[edit]

  • Author: mnikjom
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: RDO - MCM Patch 1.1


Smart Training - Tweaked SE[edit]

  • Author: dylbill
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Smart Training Tweaked SE

About: Some tweaks I made to WinterFlame's Smart Training mod, which makes your training sessions carry over to the next level if you don't train the max times allowed on your current level.

Timing is Everything SE[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 2.1

MAIN FILE: Timing is Everything SE - FISS version

About: Allows you to customize the starting conditions for various quests. You can choose to delay the start of Dragonborn, Dawnguard, or Hearthfire quests, as well as other quest events. You can also reduce the level requirements to allow a quest to begin earlier than it normally would.

Training Dummies and Targets Special Edition[edit]

  • Author: B1gBadDaddy
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Training Dummies and Targets Special Edition
OPTIONAL FILE: Training Dummies and Targets Falskaar Edition

About: I have ported B1gBadDaddy's mod, Training Dummies and Targets to work with the Special Edition. and am posting it with his permission.

Merged Fixes[edit]

Installation: Merge tagged files in Step 3 into Merged Fixes. This will reduce your plugin count by: 25.
Move the merged mod to the bottom of this Step. Disable the plugins for these merged mods via MO2s Merge Plugins Hide.

Step 4: Interface[edit]

A Quality World Map[edit]

  • Author: IcePenguin
  • Version: 9.0.1

MAIN FILE: 9.0.1 A Quality World Map - Vivid with Stone Roads

About: Provides a new set of highly-detailed 3D or paper world map textures, complete with roads! Also adds a detailed Solsteim map.

A Matter of Time - A HUD clock widget[edit]

  • Author: SkyAmigo
  • Version: v3.0.0a4
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: AMatterOfTime_v3_0_0_alpha_4

About: This mod adds a clock to the HUD showing the current time of day and more.

Better MessageBox Controls[edit]

  • Author: ecirbaf
  • Version: 1.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Better MessageBox Controls v1_2

About: Navigate all message boxes with the Left/Right and Activate (E) keys. Also fixes the clickable area of buttons so they are easier to select with the mouse.

Better Dialogue Controls[edit]

  • Author: ecirbaf
  • Version: 1.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Better Dialogue Controls v1_2

About: Ever pick the wrong item in a dialogue with a NPC? This mod aims to fix some annoyances with the way keyboard and mouse selection works in the dialogue interface.

Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Map With Roads[edit]

  • Author: dastrokes
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Better Falskaar and Wyrmstooth Maps

About: Improve the world map for Falskaar and Wyrmstooth, add main roads to the maps.

Clean Menu[edit]

  • Author: Wiro
  • Version: 1.3

MAIN FILE: Clean Menu -- All in One (30 FPS)

About: Elegant UI mod that removes the Bethesda logo, smoke, and unnecessary buttons from the main menu. It also removes the intro video allowing you to skip straight ahead into the beautiful world of Skyrim. The creation club news / button is also disabled by this mod.

Easy Wheelmenu - SSE Conversion[edit]

  • Author: xxPEPE666xx
  • Version: 2.1

MAIN FILE: EasyWheel - SSE Conversion

About: This is a conversion of the oldrim Easy Wheelmenu with some added extras

Extended UI[edit]

  • Author: MrJack
  • Version: 1.2.0d
  • PORT

MAIN FILE: Extended UI

About: Extended UI is a project that attempts to fix parts of the user interface. At the moment the intent is for Extended UI to be a complementary mod to SkyUI rather than to replace parts of SkyUI.

Font Replacement[edit]

  • Author: geegee
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Font Replacement

About: Easy to read, not-too-modern font replacement

Immersive Bookreading and Lockpicking[edit]

  • Author: Wirodeu
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Immersive Bookreading MAIN FILE: Immersive Lockpicking

About: Simple tweak that hides the interface while bookreading or lockpicking, allowing yourself to become immersed in the act. Discover the world of Skyrim anew through your character's eyes.

Immersive HUD - iHUD Special Edition[edit]

  • Author: Gopher
  • Version: 0.2b
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Immersive HUD - iHUD

About: HUD when you need it. HIDE when you don't.

JS Lockpicking UI SE[edit]

  • Author: johnskyrim
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: 2k Textures

About: A brand new re-design of the Lockpicking Interface! Also features a new, remade Skeleton Key model. Comes in 4K and 2K resolutions.

No More Laser-Printed Book[edit]

  • Author: Fhaarkas
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: No More Laser-Printed Book

About: Ever thought the books and notes in Skyrim look oddly like they come from some digital printing machine? This mod subtly change the way they look by giving them an aged, handwritten style (or analogue press/whatever).


  • Author: Expired
  • Version: 0.3.4
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: RaceMenu Special Edition v0-3-4

About: Complete overhaul to the character creation menu including new customization features such as multiple RGBA warpaints, body paints, hand paint, and foot paints. (Requires SKSE)

Skyrim SE Skill Interface Re-Texture[edit]

  • Author: Arndas
  • Version: v4.1


About: This mod is a collection of new textures that you can pick and choose to replace the vanilla skill interface textures.

Constellations Retextured SE[edit]

  • Author: ElSopa
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Constellations Redrawn

About: I got tired of the original drawings, they lack inspiration and look like made in a rush by a kid with krayons. So here it goes my humble version, clean and nebulous versions, screens inside.

Constellations Retextured The DLC SE[edit]

  • Author: ElSopa
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Constellations Retextured The DLC

About: DLC constellations badass redrawn, also ULTRA-Top-Secret option during installation (well, not so secret)

Smaller Vanilla Cursors SE[edit]

  • Author: ElSopa
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Smaller Vanilla Cursors

About: Some players have been asking for smaller cursors, so here they are, 50 and 25 percent vanilla, left handed optional as usual (I wonder if I will ever play this on such super big screens)

Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem[edit]

  • Author: Brumbek
  • Version: 2

MAIN FILE: Main Menu Spinning Skyrim Emblem Average Speed v2-00

About: This simply makes the Skyrim emblem on the main menu spin 360 degrees every 8 seconds to help you appreciate the nifty emblem's curves and reflections.

Undiscovered Means Unknown - Map Markers[edit]

  • Author: Brin_aSair
  • Version: 1.95
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Undiscovered Means Unknown - Compass and Map Markers

About: Undiscovered map markers (excluding those of cities) are indistinct or invisible.

Updated Categorized Favorites Menu[edit]

  • Author: Shadic4101
  • Version: .06a

MAIN FILE: Shadic's Favorites Menu

About: Updated favorites list since 2018


  • Author: SkyUI Team
  • Version: 5.2SE
  • CORE


About: Elegant, PC-friendly interface mod with many advanced features.

SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix[edit]

  • Author: SkyUI Team and ousnius
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: SkyUI SE - Flashing Savegames Fix

About: Fixes the flashing savegame entries when trying to save or load a game in the in-game main menu (quest journal).

Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI[edit]

  • Author: uranreactor
  • Version: 1.0b

MAIN FILE: Wider MCM Menu for SkyUI

About: This mod provies wider MCM menu interface of SkyUI to prevent mod titles text clipping and clipping inside MCM menus.

moreHUD SE[edit]

  • Author: Ahzaab
  • Version: 3.6.2


About: Adds more information to the HUD about the currently targeted object. Such as ingredients, weapon effects, potions, read books, v/w, enemy level, etc

moreHUD Inventory Edition[edit]

  • Author: Ahzaab
  • Version: 1.0.12

MAIN FILE: moreHUD Inventory Edition

About: This mod brings some features from moreHUD into the inventory menu. From your inventory you can now see if enchantments are known by the player and other features. Also increases the Item Card size for mods that have long effect descriptions


  • Author: Fhaarkas
  • Version: 0.90.1B
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: SkyHUD v090B v4 OPTIONAL FILE: Immersive HUD Patch v2

About: Toggle HUD elements on or off, scale sizes, change positions and swap elements with alternative version. Features dot crosshair, slim compass, alternate ammo display, detached compass markers and built-in support for font mods.


  • Author: Expired
  • Version: 1.2.0
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: UIExtensions v1-2-0

About: Adds various custom menus to Skyrim for modder use.

Widget Mod - Ported for SSE[edit]

  • Author: CrEaToXx
  • Version: SSE.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: WidgetMod w-FISS-ScriptFix_SSE

About: A mod to show various information on HUD via widgets. With script fix!

Customizable UI Replacer SE[edit]

  • Author: Elxdark
  • Version: 2.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Customizable UI Replacer SkyHUD SE

About: A bunch of presets with custom textures for the User Interface!

Step 5: Audio[edit]

Lucidity Sound FX SSE[edit]

  • Author: Foggypath
  • Version: v2u

MAIN FILE: Lucidity Sound FX v2u

About: Re-mastered/mixed 100% (4681 samples) of the original skyrim sound fx. Providing a smoother and plainer sound experience.No hum,no crackle,less masking,high definition low-end,no excessive high-end..and much more! Overall far more appealing to the ear..you'll hear things you've never heard before

Creepier Daedric Princes - special edition[edit]

  • Author: Dahveed
  • Version: 2

MAIN FILE: Creepier Daedric Princes - Special Edition

About: An audio overhaul of Skyrim's Daedric Princes, making them sound more intimidating, insane, powerful or mysterious, each according to their own unique personality.

Bow Before The Dead - Draugr Sounds Legacy Edition - SSE PORT[edit]

  • Author: Satafinix
  • Version: SSE.1

MAIN FILE: Bow Before The Dead - Draugr Sounds Legacy Edition- III-SSE

About: Draugr Sounds: Bow Before The Dead Edition is a full replacement for Vanilla Draugrs sounds to more fearsome and Demonic Sounds FX / Voices!

Falmer Sounds - the Betrayal Edition -SSE Port[edit]

  • Author: Satafinix
  • Version: SSE.1

MAIN FILE: Falmer Sounds - the Betrayal Edition -SSE Port

About: Falmer Sounds - the Betrayal Edition - is a full replacement for Vanilla Falmers sounds to more fearsome Sounds FX!

Immersive Dragon Sounds -iDS- SSE Port[edit]

  • Author: Satafinix
  • Version: SSE.1

MAIN FILE: Immersive Dragon Sounds v4.3.0 - LEGACY - All in One

About: Replace Every dragon sounds from attacks to wings flap to death sounds with much fearsom and realistic sounds! 

Now Dragon Shouts Included!

Lower Sounding Thieves Guild Door[edit]

  • Author: John Kelly
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: LowerVolume

About: Lowers the sound of the Thieve\'s Guild tomb door.

Thundering Shouts[edit]

  • Author: greentea101
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Thundering Shouts Main file

About: Gives shouts echo and thunder in the background, kinda like draugr shouts. Includes DLC shouts.

Higher pitched female shout voices[edit]

  • Author: Gosthy
  • Version: 2

MAIN FILE: Higher pitched shouts - All races

About: Increases the pitch of female shouts. Based on elf voice.

Step 6: Gameplay[edit]

Grace - SkyRem Series AIO[edit]

  • Author: DrPharmDawg
  • Version: 3.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: SkyRem - Grace

About: Compilation of all the SkyRem mods: Gabi, Rae, Ava, Cori, and Elsa.

The Eloquent Reader - True Scholar SE Edition - Increase speech by reading book.[edit]

  • Author: Daiyus
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: The Eloquent Reader - True Scholar SE Edition

About: The Dragonborn become a true Scholar and gains the ability to increase his speechcraft by reading book.

Research in Skyrim - Library of Learning[edit]

  • Author: theonyxphoenix
  • Version: 2.0.1

MAIN FILE: Research in Skyrim v2.0 OPTIONAL FILE: Thunderchild Compatibility Patch

About: Research adds over 75 effects to over 300 books in Skyrim.

True Dragon Born(by GIndustries) Special Edition[edit]

  • Author: Gindustries
  • Version: 1.4

OPTIONAL FILE: True Dragon Born Heavy v1.4

About: A conversion and update of the original mod by GIndustries, giving you increasing abilities as you keep accruing more dragon souls, instead of spending them.

Vokrii - Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim[edit]

  • Author: Enai Siaion
  • Version: 1.0.1

MAIN FILE: Vokrii 1.0.1

About: Vokrii overhauls the perk trees of Skyrim, upgrading them while staying true to vanilla balance and vision. It is smaller than many popular perk overhauls while still adding depth and replayability.

Wintersun - Faiths of Skyrim[edit]

  • Author: Enai Siaion
  • Version: 1.3.0

MAIN FILE: Wintersun 1.3.0

About: Wintersun adds religion and worship. Meditating, praying at shrines and adhering to the tenets of your deity strengthens your bond with the deity and eventually grants divine powers. In addition to the divines and daedric princes, the mod adds many other deities from Elder Scrolls lore with their own shrines.

Campfire - Complete Camping System (Supports Skyrim VR)[edit]

  • Author: Chesko
  • Version: 1.12.1SEVR
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Campfire 1.12.1SEVR Release

About: Campfire is the most feature-rich stand-alone camping mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, created from Frostfall's immersive and detailed camping system. Campfire is also a modder's framework, allowing anyone to create their own unique camping equipment.

Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul[edit]

  • Author: kryptopyr
  • Version: 2.0.3
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul

About: This mod is a complete overhaul of the alchemy and cooking systems. Its intention is to provide a balanced, consistent experience throughout all aspects of alchemy and cooking, from harvesting and collecting ingredients to high-level potion and food creation.

Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival[edit]

  • Author: Chesko
  • Version: 3.4.1SE
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Frostfall 3.4.1 SE Release

About: Frostfall is a survival-style mod that adds cold weather survival gameplay elements to Skyrim.

Frostfall - Seasons[edit]

  • Author: BrinaSair
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Frostfall - Seasons

About: This mod adds monthly modifiers to Frostfall's base regional temperatures so that the temperatures will vary throughout the year. It also includes an MCM so that you can set each region's base temp and each month-type's modifier.

Campfire and Frostfall - Unofficial SSE Update[edit]

  • Author: Sthaagg Memnochs
  • Version: 1.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Campfire 1.12.1 and Frostfall 3.4.1SE

About: Activate all features of Frostfall & Campfire including MCM, SKSE plugin and Interface.

Hunting in Skyrim - A Hunting Guild SE[edit]

  • Author: B1gBadDaddy
  • Version: 2.0Beta1.8
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Hunting in Skyrim 2.0 Beta 1.8

About: Hunting in Skyrim is a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim that adds a Hunting Guild to the game, and completely overhauls the entire hunting experience. It features realistic animal skinning (like Red Dead Redemption), animal trapping, kill & stat tracking, new skills and abilities, new NPCs and locations, new dungeons, new weapons and more.

Immersive Horses[edit]

  • Author: sevencardz - CyborgArmGun - KrittaKitty
  • Version: 3

MAIN FILE: Immersive Horses

About: A complete overhaul for the horses in Skyrim.

Keep it Clean - A Bathing Mod[edit]

  • Author: Sthaagg Memnochs and Clioshand
  • Version: 3.15a

MAIN FILE: Keep It Clean - A Bathing Mod - Extended
OPTIONAL FILE: Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul (Included in AIO)

About: Keep it Clean is a streamlined mod which adds cleanliness / dirtyness management to Skyrim gameplay. Bathe everywhere ;)
Adds bathing rooms to inns, Soap to Vendor, wash water to cookpots, and placeable washbaskets for your player home or camp. 
Also build your own bathroom !

Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0[edit]

  • Author: perseid9 CrEaToXx
  • Version: 2.3.5
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Realistic Needs and Diseases 2.0

About: This is a new and updated version of the very popular Mod Realistic Needs and Diseases by Perseid9. Ontop of the original features there has been some fine additions, like weight feature, widgets and various other changes. Now ported for SSE.

Step 7: Quests[edit]

BUVARP SE - Barely Used Vanilla Actors Recycle Project for SE[edit]

  • Author: AndrealphusVIII TheBxushis and SkyLover264
  • Version: 0.7.6
  • CORE

OPTIONAL FILE: BUVARP - Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul Patch
OPTIONAL FILE: BUVARP - Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements Patch
OPTIONAL FILE: BUVARP - Even Better Quest Objectives
OPTIONAL FILE: BUVARP - Immersive Weapons Patch
OPTIONAL FILE: BUVARP - Legacy of the Dragonborn Patch

About: This mod repurposes several barely used NPCs that just get deleted by the game, after their quests.

The Brotherhood of Old - SSE[edit]

  • Author: Tom Tesoro
  • Version: 1.0.2

MAIN FILE: SSE - The Brotherhood of Old - Version 1.0.2

About: The Brotherhood of Old is a quest mod for Skyrim, taking place after the final quest in the original Dark Brotherhood questline. This 24 quest epic will take you all across the land of Skyrim, as you try and rebuild the Brotherhood and strengthen it against future attacks.

Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues[edit]

  • Author: SkyLover264 and Kelsenellenelvian
  • Version: 2.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues

About: Adds an extra quest to each side of the Dawnguard questline to track down the artifacts exclusive to the other side.

Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements[edit]

  • Author: AndrealphusVIII
  • Version: 0.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Dawnguard - Tweaks and Enhancements

About: This mod changes several things in both the Vampire and Dawnguard questlines.

Even Better Quest Objectives SE - EBQO SE[edit]

  • Author: whickus with fixes and expansions by William Imm
  • Version: 1.8.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Even Better Quest Objectives SE v1.8.1

About: Enhances the quest descriptions in the vanilla game. A now an officially endorsed update to whickus's Better Quest Objectives.

Helgen Reborn[edit]

  • Author: Mike Hancho aka Balok
  • Version: V106.SSE
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Helgen Reborn SSE Version 106 With bsa file

About: Helgen Reborn is a fully voiced adventure with over 20 superb voice actors. As you help rebuild the town you'll reunite two old friends, uncover an underground slavery ring, battle in an arena and many other adventures! If you enjoyed other Mike Hancho mods, you will be blown away by Helgen Reborn as this is my most ambitious mod to date.

The Paarthurnax Dilemma[edit]

  • Author: Arthmoor
  • Version: 2.0.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: The Paarthurnax Dilemma

About: Small expansion on the quest the Blades give you concerning Paarthurnax.

Artifacts - The Ice Blade of the Monarch[edit]

  • Author: FrankFamily
  • Version: 2.6
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Ice Blade of the Monarch 2.6

About: The coolest and coldest artifact makes its return to Skyrim: Including Ice Blade of the Monarch, Krahvalok (Dagger) and Apotheosis (Staff).

Artifacts - The Tournament of the ten Bloods[edit]

  • Author: FrankFamily
  • Version: 2.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Tournament of the Ten Bloods 2.1

About: Including the artifacts Goldbrand/Eltonbrand, Boethiah's Walking Staff, Fearstruck, Lyrisius Dagger and Shashev's Ring.


  • Author: AlexanderJVelicky
  • Version: 2.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Falskaar V2_2

About: A DLC sized new lands mod that adds 20+ hours of fully voiced lore friendly (But not canon) quests, dungeons, and more.

The Forgotten City[edit]

  • Author: Nick Pearce
  • Version: 1.8
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: The Forgotten City

About: The Forgotten City is the first mod in history to win a national Writers' Guild award for its script. It is a critically acclaimed expansion mod offering a unique 6 - 8 hour experience: a murder mystery investigation set in an ancient underground city. You'll need to solve it using your wits, and the ability to travel through time...

The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal SE[edit]

  • Author: MannyGT
  • Version: 1.3
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal
OPTIONAL FILE: The Gray Cowl of Nocturnal - Alternative Start

About: Will you be worthy for the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal? We'll see!

Konahrik's Accoutrements[edit]

  • Author: Edhelsereg
  • Version: 5.5.3

MAIN FILE: Konarik's Accoutrements - Dragon Priest Armory

About: Make encounters with the named Dragon Priests a more challenging and rewarding experience.

Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE[edit]

  • Author: icecreamassassin
  • Version: 4.1.6
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Legacy of the Dragonborn SSE.
OPTIONAL FILE: Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches SE

About: Legacy of the Dragonborn is a DLC sized expansion which centres around your own personal museum in Solitude. Offering dozens of new fully voice acted quests, hundreds of new items, a completely new guild and MUCH more.

M'rissi's Tails of Troubles SE[edit]

  • Author: KreaQ
  • Version: 1.6

MAIN FILE: M'rissi's Tails of Troubles_SE_1.6

About: Do you think khajiits are interesting specimens? Try to handle this one. Fully immersive and lore-friendly story with 8 hours of quests, more then 2000 voiced lines and 3 different endings. Choose your path and decide her fate.

Moon and Star[edit]

  • Author: Gan Xingba
  • Version: 3.2
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Moon and Star

About: A mysterious and powerful criminal has been spotted in Skyrim, his trail dogged by hunters from Morrowind. However, there may be more at stake than it seems, and this criminal may be familiar…

Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE[edit]

  • Author: MuppetPuppet and An_Old_Sock
  • Version: 1.16.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Moonpath to Elsweyr SSE

About: Brought to you by An_Old_Sock, the author of the in-development Moonpath Reborn, Moonpath to Elsweyr is enjoying regular updates for the first time in five years. With numerous bugs having been squashed, graphical quality vastly improved and a number of user complaints tended to. This is the most comprehensive Moonpath experience to date.

Ruin's Edge[edit]

  • Author: HeirOfTheSeptems
  • Version: 1.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Ruin's Edge

About: Adds Ruin's Edge, an enchanted bow originating from the Shivering Isles. Strikes from the bow have unpredictable negative effects on its target. Also includes a short quest (by modding standards, not by CC standards) to obtain the bow.

Song of the Green (Auri Follower)[edit]

  • Author: Merrigan
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Song of the Green 1.2

About: A standalone, custom-voiced follower&Quest mod.

The Tools of Kagrenac[edit]

  • Author: Titansbane and PrivateEye
  • Version: 1.21
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: The Tools of Kagrenac V1.21 SSE

About: Go on a quest to recover the legendary Tools of Kagrenac. Encounter new allies and enemies, explore sprawling dungeons and add powerful new artifacts and spells to your arsenal in this fully voiced quest mod!

Vigilant SE[edit]

  • Author: Vicn
  • Version: 1.3.0
  • CORE


About: Vigilant of Stendarr Quest

The Wheels of Lull[edit]

  • Author: Trainwiz
  • Version: 3.1
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Wheels of Lull Special Edition 3.1

About: Return to Sotha Sil and enter the stranger side of TES lore, as you join the ranks of the mysterious Chronographers in this fully voiced DLC sized quest mod that adds over 10 new quests, multiple new armors and weapons, sprawling dungeons, unique boss fights, and much much more!

Step 8: Overhauls[edit]

Skyrim Realistic Overhaul[edit]

  • Author:
  • Version: 1.8
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 1
MAIN FILE: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 2
MAIN FILE: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 3
MAIN FILE: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul Part 1.8 Update

About: Skyrim Realistic Overhaul 1.7. mod contains 10gb of high quality 2048k/4096k textures. It drastically increase quality while keeping artistic look of original textures.

Static Mesh Improvement Mod - SMIM[edit]

  • Author: Brumbek
  • Version: 2.08
  • CORE


About: A massive project to greatly improve the appearance of countless static 3D models in Skyrim. Basically, this is my attempt to make the Skyrim architecture, clutter, furniture, and landscaping much nicer.

Enhanced textures detail (UV-tweaks)[edit]

  • Author: Some_Random_Guy_83
  • Version: 1.1.5

MAIN FILE: Enhanced Textures Detail (UV-Tweaks)

About: Enhances your existing textures without performance loss

Ruins Clutter Improved[edit]

  • Author: raiserfx
  • Version: 3.1

MAIN FILE: Ruins_Clutter_Improved SE

About: This mod does improve textures and meshes and also corrects UV errors of many clutter objects, which can mostly be found in the dungeons of Skyrim.

Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixes[edit]

  • Author: mnikjom raiserfx
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Ruins Clutter Improved - Fixes 1.1

About: A patch for Ruins Clutter Improved SE that allows to install other retextures for Enchanting Table and Bloody Rags.

Noble Skyrim Mod HD-2K[edit]

  • Author: Shutt3r
  • Version: 5.5.0

MAIN FILE: B. Noble Skyrim - FULL PACK_Performance Edition

About: The aim of this mod is to give all of Skyrim's architecture a complete new look by changing its textures to custom ones. Beside the architecture, several other things, such as landscape, dungeons (ruins, mines, caves etc.), clutter stuff etc. have been re-textured as well, to match the rest of the mod. Try it out !

Northfire's Castle Volkihar[edit]

  • Author: sgtpetterzon2
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Northfire's Castle Volkihar 2-4K

About: Texture overhaul for Castle Volkihar from the DLC Dawnguard. 2-4K

College of Winterhold HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: College of Winterhold HD

About: HD Texture Overhaul of the College of Winterhold.

D.E.R.P. - DarShonDo's Eyesore Retex Project[edit]

  • Author: DarShonDo
  • Version: 1.4


About: A retex of all the plants, food, ingredients and clutter.

CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn[edit]

  • Author: ClearanceClarence
  • Version: 4

MAIN FILE: CC's Fort Dawnguard Reborn - 2K - 4.0

About: This is a retexture of fort dawnguard in new colors and new HD textures

Glorious Dwarven Metal[edit]

  • Author: Wolflord13
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Glorious Dwarven Metal USSEP Safe

About: Overhaul of all Dwemer metal.

Dwemer Ruins HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Dwemer Ruins HD

About: High Quality Textures for the Dwemer Ruins Architecture. Requires Ancient Dwemer Metal by SRW0 or Dwemer Metal Retexture by langley.

High Hrothgar HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: High Hrothgar HD 2k

About: Lore Friendly 4k and 2k Retexture of High Hrothgar.

CC's HQ Luxury Suite Textures[edit]

  • Author: ClearanceClarence
  • Version: 0.1

MAIN FILE: CC's HQ Luxury Suite Textures - 2K - 0.1

About: A retexture of the Luxury Suite. Brand new textures for all surfaces except furniture and clutter

Markarth HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Markarth HD

About: Complete HD Texture Overhaul of Markarth.

Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE[edit]

  • Author: Rudy102
  • Version: 1.02

MAIN FILE: Rudy HQ - Nordic Ruins SE version

About: HQ texture overhaul of Nordic Ruins, with some UV tweaks, plus a new meshes and textures for a candles :)

Raven Rock HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Raven Rock HD

About: A complete 2k HD Overhaul of Raven Rock.

Haladoon's Retexture Project[edit]

  • Author: Haladoon
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: ALL IN ONE 2k Haladoon's Retexture Project.

About: I've decided to compile my latest retextures in this one mod so it's easier for everyone. So far, this includes: Puzzle Doors, some ruins clutter, Puzzle Pillars, Word Walls, Standing Stones and Murals. I will split several downloadable files, to reduce size and allow you to chose.

Riften HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1


About: HD Texture Overhaul of Riften.

Skyrim Textures Redone - SkyHaven[edit]

  • Author: Gorgulla
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: STR - SkyHaven 2K

About: Retextures Skyhaven to 4K or 2K with handmade and improved textures. 

Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul (SFCO)[edit]

  • Author: Gutmaw
  • Version: 1.5.9
  • CORE

MAIN FILE: Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul SE
OPTIONAL FILE: SFCO - Alternate Start Patch.
OPTIONAL FILE: SFCO - Arthmoor's Villages Patch.
OPTIONAL FILE: SFCO - Castle Volkihar Rebuilt Patch.

About: Comprehensive overhaul of furniture and clutter throughout Tamriel

Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture Special Edition[edit]

  • Author: arrioch
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: SSE 2K Textures

About: 2K high quality retexture of Snow Elf architecture, introduced in Dawnguard DLC.

Solitude HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Solitude HD

About: HD texture overhaul of Solitude.

Soul Cairn HD[edit]

  • Author: LoD7995
  • Version: 4.4

MAIN FILE: Soul Cairn HD 2K

About: Visual overhaul of the Soul Cairn.

Sovngarde HD[edit]

  • Author: LoD7995
  • Version: 3

MAIN FILE: Sovngarde HD 2K

About: A retexture of Sovngarde.

Tel Mithryn Enhanced[edit]

  • Author: cunny1975
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Tel Mithryn Enhanced OPTIONAL FILE: 2K Mushroom Tree Retexture

About: Retextures Tel Mithryn exterior and interior plus some UV tweaks to make textures look better on certain meshes.

Whiterun HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1

MAIN FILE: Whiterun HD
OPTIONAL FILE: Whiterun HD alternative street textures granite stones
OPTIONAL FILE: Whiterun HD Red Roofs

About: a lore friendly HD texture overhaul of Whiterun.

Windhelm HD[edit]

  • Author: luxor8071
  • Version: 1.2

MAIN FILE: Windhelm HD

About: Complete lore friendly HD Texture Overhaul of Windhelm.

Underground - a dungeon texture overhaul[edit]

  • Author: T4GTR34UM3R
  • Version: 1.1

MAIN FILE: Underground FOMOD

About: an ambitious dungeon retexturing project wich starts with caves an nordic dungeons

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