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About Step Modifications

aka, 'STEP'

by: Step Modifications

TheCompiler originally created the "Skyrim Total Enhancement Project" (aka, STEP1) on the day Bethesda released Skyrim on November 11, 2011 as a Nexus 'mod' hosting a PDF modding guide. Soon after, a few of the Nexus guide's most ardent advocates2 established this website's forums to replace the limited post thread of the Nexus page. Almost immediately, the wiki was conceived as a means to host the STEP mod guide itself in addition to many other modding-related guides.

Since those early days, STEP has become a nonprofit corporation. We operate this community-maintained website and provide a guided "modding methodology" primarily with respect to Bethesda RPGs, but we also support other mod-able games. Our official guides are geared towards the general public, so little to no technical experience is required to understand and use our core guides. That said, we also offer and support advanced modding guides. To this day, the STEP website is a free resource and service available to all and without any advertising. As such, we rely on community contributions to help with site and content maintenance as well as monetary contributions to pay for hosting, our only significant expense other than time.

In order to support a game, we require at least one individual --or preferably a team-- with extensive familiarity of said game as well as expertise in general modding, particularly within the context of said game. The wiki also hosts community-generated content, and we welcome such contributions. Many wiki articles link to corresponding forum topics for discussion rather than relying on the built-in wiki 'Talk' pages, which can still be used.