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Globals File List[edit]

These files are the spinal column of No Man's Sky.
They indeed include each and every settings of the game that is not related to 3D meshes nor game item database. There's a lot of values in them to set almost everything from wind speed to asteroid loot probability.

This is the list of the .MBIN files present directly at the root of your unpacked files :

  • GCAISPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Settings for NPC ships, either pirates, traders for combat or landing operations
  • GCATLASGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Some Network Settings (is this still in use ?)
  • GCAUDIOGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Audio settings, including Bytebeat ones
  • GCBUILDINGGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Base building global settings
  • GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Settings and behaviors of the different game cameras.
  • GCCHARACTERGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Player character and NPC movements settings
  • GCCREATUREGLOBALS - Creatures related settings
  • GCDEBUGOPTIONS.GLOBAL - Very global game settings with a lot of impact on every game aspect
  • GCENVIRONMENTGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Planet atmosphere settings, Sun, wind and terrain lods
  • GCFLEETGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Everything about frigates and expeditions
  • GCGALAXYGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Every settings related to the Galactic Map
  • GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Settings related to player and NPC interactions with everything
  • GCGRAPHICSGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Display settings like light, shadows, DOF blur, vignette effects...
  • GCMULTIPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Multiplayer and connection settings
  • GCPLACEMENTGLOBALS - To be determined
  • GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Lots and lots of settings, more or less related to the player
  • GCRICHPRESENCEGLOBALS - To be determined
  • GCROBOTGLOBALS - Everything related to sentinels, drones, quads and walker behaviors
  • GCSCENEOPTIONS.GLOBAL - Settings related to old E3 / trailers demo scenes ?
  • GCSCRATCHPADGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Some terrain and textures settings
  • GCSIMULATIONGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Calls to some files and textures
  • GCSKYGLOBALS.GLOBALS - Clouds, Storm and Skies settings, as seen from planets
  • GCSMOKETESTOPTIONS.GLOBAL - Planet probes settings used by Hello Games for development ?
  • GCSOLARGENERATIONGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Space settings, mostly asteroids ones
  • GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL - All the player and NPC ship settings
  • GCTERRAINGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Terrain generation settings
  • GCUIGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Everything related to HUD and inventory pages
  • GCVEHICLEGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Settings for all the ground vehicules
  • GCWATERGLOBALS.GLOBAL - Water specific settings