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"Be prepared for your journey!"

Greetings from the New England Commonwealth!

We eagerly await your arrival to our many storied colonial shores and know that you will find much here to keep you both entertained and enlightened as you add your own story to those that have come before you.

Where will your journey take you when you arrive?[edit]

Will you walk the famous Freedom Trail to see the sites that were so critical to our nation's founding?
Will you take a trip through the Autumnal countryside to see the explosion of colors so bright and vibrant amongst our Fall foliage you might imagine that the Reds have dropped the bomb?
Will you dash down the powdered mountainside of winter at one of our many ski resorts?
Will you perhaps lounge beneath the lazy summer sun at the Singing Beach watching the ebb and flow of the Atlantic Ocean as the sand sings beneath your feet?

Whatever you plan, we want to make sure that you are as prepared as possible for your journey into our Commonwealth.

We all know that it's the unprepared traveler that's most likely to miss out the opportunity to take part in the most pleasurable of activities.