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Dread's SSE Packs
by Dreadflopp
Last Update: 6 September 2022

Forum thread: link


These packs are Skyrim Special Edition (SSE) successors to my STEP packs for Skyrim. Since we do not have a script extender for SSE, many mods that I have used in my previous packs are missing. Some of the packs are much more basic for this reason. They are still of use for those who don't want to or don't know how to do their own conflict resolution. With these packs you get exactly what a pack is; an extension of STEP that adds upon STEP and patches all included mods. Since we won't have STEP Special Edition for quite some time, this guide uses Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide as a base. Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide is not the official STEP Special Edition guide which means that these are not proper STEP Special Edition Packs.


See the changelog here


To use these packs you need to have Tech's Skyrim Special Edition Guide installed. I assume you know how to use Wrye Bash and LOOT since you use Tech's guide. You may need to know how to remove a record from a plugin in SSEEdit. You may need to know how to load a plugin in the Creation Kit and how to save it.


All packs use Nexus Mod to show the mod lists. Check the details tab for additional information. Install everything listed in the Tools tab and in the Mods tab. The Plugins tab is not used at the moment.
Pay attention to the cog wheel icon when you install tools and mods. Click the cog wheel to see additional information regarding installation of the mod or tool.
It doesn't matter in which order you install the packs.

Children of the Sky[edit]

This pack focus on mods that alter gameplay and enhances the difficulty of the game. You will get new spells and enchantments, new effects from standing stones, new racial abilities and new perks and shouts. Werewolves and vampires have been overhauled. Combat is overhauled by Smilodon. High Level Enemies keeps the game interesting at high levels. Skyrim Skill Uncapper and my settings for it cuts the leveling speed in half.

The Buying Game[edit]

link (no alternative link)
The focus of this pack is to reduce the income of the player and to reduce the ammount of high tier loot in the game. You will get some mods that offer new weapons and armors. You'll get Scarcity that reduces the overall ammount of weapons and armors found on enemies, in chests and at merchants. Trade and barter lite makes loot more expensive to buy while at the same time you'll get paid less for items you sell. Settings for trade and barter lite are in my provided patch since we do not have any MCM menu to easily edit settings in game. High-level Loot Rarified removes dragonbone and dragonscale loot from the leveled lists, which means that you'll have to craft them yourselves. Glass, stalhrim, ebony and daedric loot will be much harder to find.


link (no alternative link)
Wilderness is a pack that focus on survival and hunting. Frostfall makes you freeze, iNeed will make you hunger and thirst and Hunterborn will make hunting more realistic and immersive. Optional mods will make trees larger which will make the forrests more dense, which fits a survival and hunting gaming style perfect.


Follow Tech's guidelines: link


Move the DynDOLOD resources folder to the bottom of the install tab of Wrye Bash. Move BILLBOARDS for Realistic Aspen Trees below the DynDOLOD resources folder, assuming you use the optional trees from the Wilderness pack.
Follow Tech's guidelines: link.

Pack Patches[edit]

Make sure you use the install wizard when you install the patches. Reads the description about each patch to learn which mods in the pack that are required and which mods that are optional.

Download: link

  1. Select Download through your browser to download the patches.
  2. Move it to the Bash Installers folder.
  3. Install the patches using the wizard.
  4. Activate the patches on the Mods tab.


  1. Click on the Mods tab in WB.
  2. Tick all plugins to enable them, leaving Bashed Patch, 0.esp unticked for now.
  3. Run LOOT.
  4. Add the following LOOT Meta Rules:

Global Priority: 72

Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp
Global Priority: 75

Techs SSEGuide WeatherPatch.esp
Global Priority: 76

Load After:

  • 1nivWICSkyCloaksPatch.esp

Children of the Sky Pack patch.esp
Load After:

  • Techs SSEGuide CRPatch.esp

High Level Enemies.esp
Load After:

  • Hothtrooper44_ArmorCompilation.esp

Aurora - Standing Stones of Skyrim.esp
Load After:

  • Convenient Horses.esp

Scarcity SE - Less Loot Mod.esp
Load After:

  • HarvestOverhaul_Redone_Creatures.esp

Lethal Traps - Smilodon Patch.esp
Load After:

  • Lethal Traps.esp

  • Sort the plugins and close LOOT

Bashed Patch[edit]

Follow Tech's guidelines: link.


Packs, patches, packs wiki page: Dreadflopp
Techangel85's Skyrim Special Edition Guide was used as inspiration for this wiki page and parts of it is basically copied and pasted here.