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This section will increase or decrease the glow from light sources like fireplaces, torches, and candles. The effect will only work on objects that have the proper effect added in game and not affect the light source itself, just the glow which those light sources emit.

IgnoreWeatherSystem=(false, true)

Lightsprite Intensity[edit]

These parameters will affect the brightness of the glow from the fireplaces torches, and candles appears in game.

IntensitySunrise=(0.0... )
IntensityDay=(0.0... )
IntensitySunset=(0.0... )
IntensityNight=(0.0... )
IntensityInteriorDay=(0.0... )
IntensityInteriorNight=(0.0... )
Sky Layers
Sky Layers

Lightsprite Curve[edit]

These parameters will affect both the color and intensity of the glow and acts similar to gamma and contrast combined into one.

CurveSunrise=(0.0... )
CurveDay=(0.0... )
CurveSunset=(0.0... )
CurveNight=(0.0... )
CurveInteriorDay=(0.0... )
CurveInteriorNight=(0.0... )
Sky Layers
Sky Layers