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This section will change the effects of fire from both fire sources and fire spells. The water foam and draugr eyes are also effected by this section.

Update: Assuming you have the particle patch by mindflux installed only fire related effects should be affected by these parameters. They are specifically linked to the fire effect shader which you can attribute to a mesh. By Aiyen

IgnoreWeatherSystem=(false, true)

Fire Intensity[edit]

These parameters will change the brightness and saturation of the fire. High values for these parameters can cause fire to become overly bright.

IntensitySunrise=(0.0... )
IntensityDay=(0.0... )
IntensitySunset=(0.0... )
IntensityNight=(0.0... )
IntensityInteriorDay=(0.0... )
IntensityInteriorNight=(0.0... )
Sky Layers
Sky Layers

Fire Curve[edit]

These parameters will change the brightness and saturation of the in game fire. Higher curve values are needed if using high intensity values.

CurveSunrise=(0.0... )
CurveDay=(0.0... )
CurveSunset=(0.0... )
CurveNight=(0.0... )
CurveInteriorDay=(0.0... )
CurveInteriorNight=(0.0... )
Sky Layers
Sky Layers

Fire AdditiveBlending[edit]

This setting will make fire even more bright and appear like white light if higher intensity values are used. Setting this to "false" will help with fire spells that give off light. (Reference)

AdditiveBlending=(false, true)
Sky Layers
Sky Layers