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What's New[edit]

Core-Extended Separation[edit]

With the release of STEP 3.0, Core and Extended mods have been separated. This means the STEP Core and STEP Extended Guides are now two different guides. For Skyrim SE, however, there is currently no plans for a STEP SE Extended Guide. Therefore, this is the preliminary release of the STEP SE Core Guide. This Guide is meant to be a foundation of mods from which to build upon. How this works will be more apparent with the official release of the Guide during the STEP 3.0 release.

Improved Guide Flow[edit]

The flow of the STEP Guide has been completely rebuilt. A great deal of consideration was taken from the workflow of the user while following the Guide. Thus, v3.0 has been restructured for a start to finish experience that flows from start to finish; whereas, previous versions of STEP Guides had users jumping back and forth too often.

A New Prerequisite[edit]

A new guide as been created that is meant for users to follow and complete before completing any STEP Guide. This new guide is the System Setup Guide. Users should visit there and complete it before completing any STEP Guide.

Guide Cleanup[edit]

As part of the flow change and a desire to reduce information that should be centralized, we've pulled several of the setup sets out of the Guide itself, and moved them to a new System Setup Guide. Users are required to complete this new guide before completing any STEP Guide.

The remainder of the detailed instructions within the Guide are now hidden by spoilers. This cleans up the Guide and helps users to focus on one thing at a time. To reveal the instructions, users simply need to click the links in the Guide.

New Mod Groups[edit]

STEP SE Core and the other new/updated guides to follow have new mod groups based on Mod Picker's categories. This greatly improves mod list organization while also reducing the need to hide individual mod assets compared to previous STEP Guides.

LOOT Rules Removed[edit]

In an effort to reduce user steps and simplify Guide, the LOOT Rules from previous STEP Guides have been removed. The STEP Patches are now entirely designed around a LOOT sorted load order. This improves workflow for both the users and for the STEP Team. Now users simply need to accept a default LOOT load order and STEP takes care of the rest with the Guide patches.

STEP Patches[edit]

In a desire and need to reduce maintenance overhead, the STEP Patches available have been reduce to 2 from 8. This is also in part due to Skyrim SE including all the DLC. Mods included in the STEP Patches are indicated on the mod tables with a green bar at the beginning of the table row. The Patches provided include:

STEP SE Core - Conflict Resolution Patch
This is the conflict resolution patch for main Guide and is now all or nothing; whereas, before we were providing multiple patches for various mods users didn't want to use. It includes the following additional edits beyond simple patching:

  • Increases arrow speed to ~1.5x that of vanilla.
  • Increases the chances of recovering arrows from dead NPCs to 50%; vanilla is 33%.
  • Increases the time that passes during fast travel. It will be similar to the take it takes to walk the distance; time is accurate within 2-3 min deviation.
  • Reduces the distance NPCs will greet the player to 60; vanilla is 160. This prevents the constant NPC greeting while walking around cities.
  • Reduces the distance requires for NPCs to detect crimes to 2000; vanilla is 4000. This provides for more realistic gameplay as guards won't catch you as often from seemingly out of nowhere.
  • Reduces the maximum chance that NPCs can dodge projectiles to 66%, vanilla is 100%. This reduces the uncanny dodging abilities of hostile targets.
  • Reduces the game's timescale to 15; vanilla is 20. This results in longer day/night cycles.

STEP SE Core - Lighting & Weather Patch
This is the conflict resolution patch specifically for the new Lighting & Weather mod group. It's provided separately for users who wish to use different lighting and/or weather mods than what STEP has chosen for the Guide.

MCM Recommendations[edit]

With STEP 3.0 the STEP Guides now include MCM recommendations. This is something the users have asked for since MCM existed. The wait is over!


Why isn't there a grass mod included?[edit]

We decided against having a grass mod in STEP SE Core for a few reasons. First, there aren't any grass mods that are a good replacement for vanilla, however, this could be looked passed if it was for other potential issues. One of which are most grass mods play differently with different weather mods and post-processors (ENB/ReShade). Since we include Cathedral Weathers in our optional Lighting & Weather mod group, we'd also have to include a grass mod that work well with Cathedral Weathers. This choice may not work well for others who choose not to install the new optional mod group. Finally, including a grass mod would mean also patching the mod. This would mean the mod would be "hard-coded" to the Guide since its records would exist within the STEP Patches.

Post Release Changes[edit]

The changes below have been made since the Guide's initial release.

Guide Changes[edit]

  • Fixed mis-matched image in DynDOLOD section.
  • Added ENB list to end of Step 6.
  • Added missing prompts to MO and BethINI instructions.
  • Added manual cleaning instructions for Dawnguard.esm to the Guide rather than an external link.
  • Various updates to grammar throughout.

Mod List Changes[edit]

With the release of STEP 3.0 all Extended mods have been removed from Core Guides, therefore, users will not find any mention of Extended mods below that may have existed in the STEP LE Guide.

Since STEP SE Core is a new guide and this is the initial release, there are technically no mod-list changes. All mods within the Guide are new to this specific Guide. However, we have listed the new mod groups below for future use.

  • SkyrimSE:SKSE64 - updated the named folder in the instructions to prevent confusion with SKSE (LE)
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